The Lego Group and research company m1nd-set have completed a survey on the toy category based on the opinions of travel retail consumers in Europe and Asia Pacific.

The survey includes insights from passengers who have recently travelled internationally and visited a duty free shop. It considers passengers’ motives for buying toys in airports, the profile of the typical toy purchaser, type of travel and products purchased and who the receiver of the toy purchase is.

It concludes that brand recognition is among the top three reasons why people buy a particular toy. Impulse purchases, according to the survey, account for 80% of the toy sales in airports.

The Lego Group Travel Retail Senior Manager Annette Rosendahl said: “The travel retail business is important for us and we are actively looking for opportunities to grow our presence – particularly in Europe and Asia/Pacific. The survey results have given us tangible findings and concrete recommendations.

“We believe that the toy category within travel retail has good growth potential; especially given the high gifting potential. We are also very happy to see that strong brand recognition is important when selecting products as the Lego brand is perceived to be one of the world’s strongest brands. We strongly believe that The Lego Group will be the best choice for those looking for a strong retail partner to grow the category,” she concluded.