ITALY. The First SpA is introducing a new feminine fragrance, Baldinini Parfum Glacé, and a new skincare line called Scrinium Vital at TFWA World Exhibition in October.

Baldinini Parfum Glacé

The new Baldinini female fragrance draws inspiration from ice, and the juice is housed in a violet bottle made of frosted glass, topped with a frosted glass cap.

Inspired by ice, Baldinini Parfum Glacé comes in a violet bottle made of frosted glass, topped with a frosted glass cap

Scrinium Vital

Scrinium Vital skincare products, suitable for all ages and skin types, have been developed to treat a range of skin-related problems. Four different series target specific skincare needs, as follows:

Screen series: The Screen Vital System is a protective-restorative complex based on anti-oxidant active ingredients, vitamins and minerals that keeps the skin optimally protected and helps skin defend itself from oxidative factors and attack by free radicals. The range consists of: Day Screen Cream SPF15, 50ml; Day Screen Balm SPF15, 50ml; Cleansing Mousse Soft Remover, 125ml and Antismog Concealing Mask, 75ml.

Remedia series: Products are formulated with the exclusive Remedia Scrinium Complex to fight skin sensitisation and skin imperfections such as pigmentation, discolouring and skin tone problems. The series comprises: Anti-Redness & Dark Spots Daily Balm SPF15, 50ml; Synchromatic Matt Foundation (in four colours); Dark Spots Pigmental Serum, 30ml; Pigmental Treating Mask, 75ml and Climatic Defence Serum, 30ml.

Perfecting series: The Perfecting Scrinium System, based on polyphenols, bioflavonoids, active ingredients and oils of botanical extraction, is formulated to reduce imperfections, refine skin texture and achieve smooth skin. Products include: Daily Base Cream-Gel, 50ml; Eye Contour Antidarkness Serum, 15ml; Microexfoliating Cleansing Balm, 75ml; SOS Antiblemish Gel, 15ml; Night Treating Cream, 50ml and Treating Base Foundation (in four colours).

K Age series: The K Age series was developed to prevent processes caused by oxidative stress and to stem and reduce the signs of ageing. Products are based on the K Age Vital Complex, a combination of anti-oxidant agents and active ingredients which aim to boost the physiological compactness of the skin and minimise the depth of wrinkles as well as delay their formation. This series comprises: Total Source Daily Cream SPF15 – Soft, 50ml; Total Source Daily Cream SPF15 – Rich, 50ml; Total Source Daily Cream SPF30 – Extra Rich, 50ml; Total Source Night Cream, 50ml; Total Source Eye Balm, 15ml; Microexfoliating Total Treatment, 75ml; Smooth Lips Microexfoliating Butter, 15ml; Total Source Soothing Mask, 75ml and Repairing and Moisturizing Hand Cream, 75ml.

Suitable for all ages and skin types, Scrinium Vital offers solutions to target specific skincare problems and needs


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