JORDAN. Dufry’s new arrivals duty free store at Amman Queen Alia International Airport was designed to celebrate the natural beauty and heritage of Jordan – and particularly its desert dunes.

Airport retail design specialists The Design Solution worked with the retailer to create the 700sq m multi-category main store. It was inaugurated on 31 January and features a product offer that incorporates a strong local flavour.

An open store front (pictured above) gives shoppers a clear perspective of the whole, The Design Solution said, while a simple white entrance arch reflects the shape of the opening to a traditional Bedouin tent.

A strong emphasis has also been placed on large format digital screens, in line with Dufry’s drive to create an absorbing and immersive in-store experience. This is further supported by a central promotional space (pictured below).

The Design Solution Design Director Kevin Patience said the store design aims to convey an authentic spirit of Amman, and reflects the increasing importance of arrivals stores both from a commercial and experiential perspective.

“The design was principally inspired by the beautiful, shifting natural forms of Jordan’s desert dunes, interwoven with contemporary expressions of classic Arabic geometric patterns, blending the natural beauty and the cultural heritage of the region,” Patience said.

“Crucially, although the arrivals retail space is inevitably smaller than that used in the departures area, the arriving passenger is provided with a quality of retail experience that matches that of the departing passenger. In tandem with the aesthetics of the design we also ensure that the commercial layout of the space provides maximum support for the commercial performance.

“The elegant, dune-shaped ridge canopy used over the store was designed to reflect the mesmerising, flowing patterns of Jordan’s wind-shaped sand dunes and bring to mind the beauty of the country’s iconic desert locations, such as Wadi Rum. Within each canopy we have integrated panels of simple but beautiful modern interpretations of ancient geometric patterns.”

The Design Solution will also provide specialist design input for Dufry’s upgraded 2,520sq m departures duty free store at the airport, which will open soon.