Airport Dimensions recently launched Connecta In-Lounge, an ecommerce and traveller relationship platform designed to expand and enhance the guest experience in airport lounges

Airport Dimensions Global Strategy Director Stephen Hay comments on how big commercial rewards await for airports and service providers that raise the experience bar for travellers. 

Over the past year, appetite for travel has seen a massive up-tick. But the people boarding planes now want a very different airport experience. It’s essential that airports stay ahead of this curve, looking at ways to provide travel experiences that continue to appeal to a new generation of travellers.

The successful operations of the future will have a strong foundation in digital technologies, they will enable an airport, airline, or concession operator to stand out from its competitors, and, ultimately, they will of course yield sound commercial returns.


Digital tools, now so deeply embedded in all our lives, are also expected as standard at the airport. Our research has shown how over the past two years Millennials and Gen Z have become the dominant force in travel. These digital natives expect digital options to enhance and optimise their journeys.

They want things on their terms, and they want it quickly – be that delivered to their homes or to their seats at the airport. New tools such as our Connecta In-Lounge platform, which was recently launched at Jacksonville and allows airport lounge guests to access a range of services, were until recently seen as something of a novelty. Now they have very much moved into the mainstream.

Digitalisation can not only improve the current airport experience – it can also be used to improve experiences of the future. The most successful airports will be those who can mine dynamic, accurate data to truly know their customers. Connecta In-Lounge provides essential data on customer profiles, preferences and behaviour patterns.

As the platform is rolled out to wider audiences across the airport, it will mean airport clients have access to more data from more diversified segments, enabling the right changes to be made in the right places.


For many industries, customisation is now the price of entry. Again, the importance of a bespoke experience has been accelerated in the past two years. Airports are even keener to offer an experience that is unique to them and their travellers, from before check-in to the gate and onward.

Connecta can be tailored to reflect the branding and offerings of an airport and provide targeted add-ons for their customers. With brand loyalty growing even more fragile as travellers return, providing a fully customised experience can do much to ensure customers return.


Airports need to consider how they can offer an outstanding experience, but growing new and untapped revenue opportunities is a critical part of the recovery. Platforms such as Connecta open up a wealth of possibilities.

Promotions with appropriate brands can form the basis of lucrative partnerships, while imaginative use of the platform means that anything from duty free across the terminal, to premium offers or even the art off the walls can be marketed to the lounge guest. At an operational level, it can provide data to reduce food wastage, cutting costs, but also helping with sustainability goals.

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