FRANCE/INTERNATIONAL. The Tax Free World Association (TFWA) has invited its Management Committee to elect a President at a meeting in Dublin on 6 December.

Current TFWA President, Alain Maingreaud

The TFWA Presidential election is staged annually, as per the organisation’s statutes. The new one-year mandate will run until December 2020.

TFWA said that any members of its Management Committee wishing to stand for election are requested to indicate their intentions to the TFWA Election Committee the day prior to the meeting.

Meanwhile, any potential candidates from outside the Management Committee should submit their candidacy no later than Friday 15 November. They can do this by recorded mail to the TFWA Election Committee, Tax Free World Association, 23-25 rue de Berri, 75008 Paris, France.

The incumbent is Alain Maingreaud, who was elected in December last year. He succeeded Erik Juul-Mortensen, who stepped down after a 19-year tenure as TFWA President.

NOTE: For further information, contact TFWA Vice-President Finance Frédéric Garcia-Pelayo via the TFWA office or at