TAIWAN. Tasa Meng Corporation has donated TWD$3 million (US$100,000) to the Hualien earthquake disaster relief fund.

The 6.4 magnitude earthquake killed at least seven people when it ripped through the coastal tourism hotspot of Hualien on Tuesday. Around 260 people were injured and four buildings collapsed, said Reuters. Around 67 people are still missing, believed to be trapped inside/under the buildings.

The retailer has received a wave of correspondence from global supplier partners expressing concern and offering their support.

Tasa Meng General Manager Gary Chau (pictured here on the far right during a charitable dinner for the elderly) thanks the company’s partners for their support

“We take this opportunity to thanks all of our partners for their kindness. We are safe” said Tasa Meng General Manager Gary Chau.

“We would like to take the lead as one of Taiwan’s three travel retail and duty free operators to help victims to rebuild their homes via this donation.”

The retailer also held a charitable dinner in support of the elderly at the Shilin Sub-district Office of Affairs in Taipei yesterday (8 February).

During the event, Chief of Sub-district Affairs Office Mr Wang delivered a welcome speech and thanked Tasa Meng for its continued support of the Shilin community.

Supervisor for the Hang On Group, which runs a home for the elderly in the district, Miss Chen, also thanked the retailer for hosting the dinner.