Peter Rebeiz (left) and Andrew Lynch celebrate an exciting new worldwide partnership

The historic Le Train Bleu Restaurant at the Gare de Lyon railway station was the setting for yesterday’s announcement

INTERNATIONAL. Travel catering specialist SSP has signed a major partnership deal with leading luxury brand Caviar House & Prunier.

The agreement gives SSP the exclusive rights to operate all new Caviar House & Prunier seafood bars in travel locations worldwide.

SSP CEO Andrew Lynch said: “We are delighted to be working with one of the world’s most prestigious brands. Caviar House will be a key brand within our portfolio and its addition to our range will offer greater choice and diversity to our airport clients and to passengers.”

Caviar House & Prunier President and CEO Peter Rebeiz added: “As a leading force in the airport food & beverage sector, SSP has the scale of operation to develop the Caviar House & Prunier business, together with the expertise necessary to deliver the high-quality experience our customers expect – and maintain the integrity of the Caviar House & Prunier brands.

Caviar House & Prunier seafood bars offer passengers in selected airports an elegant setting in which they can enjoy caviar, Balik salmon and other seafood, along with Champagne and table wines. Uniquely, Caviar House produces its own caviar, Prunier, as well as importing from Iran and Russia.

Lynch told The Moodie Report: “It’s Peter’s brand and baby so to entrust that to a third party was a difficult thing to do and we’re delighted about the agreement. The logic of the partnership is very compelling and we bring infrastructure and great relationships around the travel world.

“The quality of the Caviar House & Prunier product and its delivery is really outstanding.”

Describing the relationship as a perfect marriage, Rebeiz said he was deeply impressed by the SSP set-up and its commitment to quality. “One of our big objectives is to create more magic around our brand. This agreement offers us a fantastic showcase to do that.”

The deal was signed earlier this week and celebrated in Paris on Wednesday with a lunch at the historic Le Train Bleu Restaurant at the Gare de Lyon railway station. That was followed by a special dinner – where caviar (and plenty of it) was on the menu. We’ll report on the celebrations and bring you a full report on the agreement in coming days.


SSP operates a broad portfolio of international and national brands as well as its own tailor-made concepts in 27 countries. It serves around 5 million customers every day in over 2,000 restaurants, bars, cafes, convenience stores and food courts across airports, railways stations and shopping centres.

Caviar House has been the world’s largest importer and distributor of high quality caviar since 1950. It joined forces with Prunier, the first company to produce caviar in France (in 1920) in May, 2004 with the goal of producing the finest caviar.