Coty has introduced new spring fragrances to its popular Marc Jacobs and Davidoff lines.

Daisy Love Eau So Sweet offers a new twist to Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Love scent. It is a combination of the vibrant spirit of the original fragrance, imbued with what is described as an unexpected freshness and spontaneity.

Marc Jacobs’ new fragrance take the user on a refreshing olfactory journey. It begins with raspberry, bergamot and crystallised cloudberry top notes, followed by a floral heart made of delicate Daisy tree petals and jasmine milk, and ending on a base of white iris woods and sugar musk.

All-star appeal: The campaign features (left to right) supermodels Faith Lynch, Kaia Gerber and Aube Jolicouer.

The new Daisy Love Eau So Sweet campaign brings the next chapter in the Daisy Love narrative to life. Shot by renowned fashion photographer Alisdair Mclean, the campaign stars supermodel Kaia Gerber, Aube Jolicouer, and Faith Lynch and is set on a picturesque California beach. It portrays an image of youth, sisterhood, and optimism — which are all core values of Daisy Love.

Designed by Marc Jacobs in collaboration with Coty, Daisy Love Eau So Sweet comes in a playful pink bottle that is a softer interpretation of its older sister. The cap still features the signature daisy flower with gold accent, but with the addition of softer pink petals.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Eau So Sweet is available in 10 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml bottles and is now available in US and European travel retail. The fragrance will be available in Asia Pacific travel retail from May


For him: Run Wild men’s fragrance is composed from six natural ingredients.

In another major launch from Coty, Davidoff introduces its new Run Wild fragrance. Developed simultaneously for both men and women, Run Wild Fragrance for men and for women takes inspiration from what Coty called “the raw and mysterious power of nature”, and creates a new identity for Davidoff stemming from the concept, ’a freshness from the wild’.

Run Wild explores the world’s natural energy from wild forests to untouched waterfalls. Created by Alexandra Carlin and Pierre Gueros, the Run Wild men’s fragrance is made of six natural ingredients.

The heart notes are composed of wild lavender sourced from the American southeast. Wild lavender is a plant that survives through extreme weather conditions and grows on arid soil, representing the “resilient spirit” of Run Wild. The top notes are from “warm and incandescent” cinnamon sourced from Madagascar,  balanced out  with powerful base notes of Fir Balsam.

Run Wild Women’s fragrance

Run Wild Women’s fragrance: “A masterclass in balance”.

Crafted by Aliénor Massenet and Emilie Coppermann, the Run Wild Women’s fragrance is described as “a masterclass in balance”. The unusual top note is made from Pistachio cream creating what Coty termed a “slightly off-kilter” scent that is complemented by zesty Pomegranate. The resultant fruity explosion is balanced by delicate floral Jasmine heart notes.

The bottle for the Run Wild men’s Fragrance was inspired by the heritage of Davidoff’s original men’s fragrance, Cool Water. It features the same minimal details, which include an engraved metal cap and modernist lines.

The bottle for the Run Wild Women’s fragrance is a softer reinterpretation of its male counterpart. It reveals a soothing shade of green, which is seldom used in fragrance, but a deliberate choice by Davidoff to fully represent the scents’ strong link to nature.

Davidoff’s Run Wild Fragrance is a bold project that conveys similar values to the brand’s original Cool Water fragrance in 1988; something reflected in the campaign. Tobias Sorensen and Madison Headrick front the campaign, representing the raw and natural beauty of the Run Wild fragrances.

The campaign was shot by Lachlan Bailey and complements the film by acclaimed film director, Terence Neale. The film portrays a vision of a passionate quest into the wild, a retreat from the city, and finally a return to nature.

Note: Davidoff Run Wild comes in 30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml sizes and will available in Europe travel retail in May 2019, followed by launches in US travel retail and Asia Pacific travel retail in June 2019 and July 2019 respectively.