FRANCE. Groupe ADP today reported a +3.4% year-on-year rise in retail & services revenue to €230 million. Sales per passenger slipped by -1.4% to €18.60, due to the negative impact of the strong Euro and the impact of refurbishment works at Paris CDG Terminal 2E.

Revenue from retail activities (rents received from airside and landside shops, bars and restaurants, banking and foreign exchange activities, and car rental companies, as well as revenue from advertising) was up by +3.3% to €105 million.

Airside shop rents stood at €70 million, up by +1.8%, a positive traffic mix being offset by the negative impact of the strong Euro and shop closures during work in Terminal 2E, Halls K and L.

Rents from landside shops increased by +15.8%, at €4 million; bars and restaurants posted growth of +18.1%, to €10 million, thanks to the EPIGO joint venture with SSP and the full year impact of the opening of new shops in 2017.

The Groupe ADP Q1 commercial performance in detail; revenue climbed but average spend fell in the period (click to enlarge)

Media Aéroports de Paris posted a revenue decrease of +2.3% to €11 million. Revenue from car parks stood at €40 million, down by -2.9%.

Group passenger traffic (including TAV Airports) climbed +13.6% to 53.7 million passengers in the quarter. Paris Aéroport traffic rose by +3.7% 22.8 million passengers driven by low cost airlines (+10.1%) and international traffic (+6.3%).

The overall revenue picture in Q1 (click to enlarge)