Spanish beauty brand 3ina has set its sights on travel retail after developing a presence in 20 domestic markets with its skincare range and products for eyes, lips, face and nails.

The brand, whose name is pronounced Mina, was created in 2016 to “disrupt the beauty industry and its standards”.

Introducing 3ina (pronounced Mina): The brand aims to add its colours to travel retail.

3ina Global Director Brand & Marketing Strategy, Digital, Ecommerce and Sales Jerusa Moura said the brand is ready to launch in the USA and Mexico following growth in Russia and Asia. “Travel retail is in our plan in the near future… very soon we will have 3ina at selected airports,” she added.

Moura joined 3ina last year from Revlon where she held positions as Global Director Travel Retail and Regional Business Director EMEA.

Brand Founders Mark Eve and Pablo Rivera believe 3ina is a “game changer” and “the disruptive player the beauty scene needs”.

3ina emphasises individuality, using bright colours to make a statement.

Created with a vision to challenge the ‘one-size-fits-all’ definition of beauty, the brand emphasises individuality and the freedom of experimentation and expression. Its core belief is that beauty should be fun and colourful. The founders pointed out that even the name has a funny story behind it, coming from an Argentinean habit to call beautiful girls ‘Mina’. The M was turned to provide a ‘twist’ to the brand, they said.

Moura said 3ina focuses on “real beauty”. Brand values are authenticity, playfulness and sustainability. 3ina products are paraben free and vegan and aim to “stop the compromise between quality and value”.

3ina has collaborated with lifestyle brand Mr. Boho in a line of sunglasses to match 3ina’s colours.

“Travel retail channel is still focused on luxury and big brands,” Moura continued. “We believe this will change, following the Indie (independently-owned) brands movement that is growing so strongly worldwide.

“Consumers today, especially the Gen Z, are looking for authenticity and also socially-responsible brands. 3ina is part of a group of new brands that are challenging the status quo, and listening to the consumer from a social values point of view.”

Moura said 3ina would consider developing a range of travel retail-exclusive products.

The brand’s marketing is geared to Gen Z consumers and to social media. “Gen Z live and breathe in the digital place so the brand does the same. Engagement for us is not a fancy word; it is how we manage the business. We need to communicate in the space and language our consumers are using.”

3ina advertising echoes the brand’s value of authenticity and features university students rather than known models. “We have an organic following and influencers, micro and macro, endorse the brand,” Moura added.

”We might eventually engage with a Gen Z relevant influencer or celebrity, though at the moment we have focused on building trustful relationships with them through honesty, high-quality products and close-to-heart values.

“I believe the new brands, 3ina included, have taken the hard work of challenging an idealistic beauty industry and highly-priced products. And I think we have already shaken the market and will continue to do so.”