Mondelez International has underlined its ‘Snacking Made Right’ concept as it aims to lead recovery in travel retail through growth in the confectionery channel.

At the recent Moodie Davitt Virtual Travel Retail Expo, Mondelez added a new, on-trend Gingery Orange flavour to its Toblerone line-up while spotlighting its Cadbury, Milka and Oreo brands. Its commitment to sustainability also played a major role in the company’s presentation.

The new Toblerone Gingery Orange is exclusive to travel retail

Mondelez International Chairman & CEO Dirk Van de Put said: “Successful companies do more than focus on financial results; they create value for the world at large and improve the lives of those they impact.

“At Mondelez International, we are guided by our purpose to empower people to snack right by providing the right snack, for the right moment, made the right way. As the world deals with a global pandemic, that purpose feels more important today than ever.”

As reported, Mondelez World Travel Retail has identified three key principles which it believes can accelerate post COVID-19 recovery:

  • Focusing on a core portfolio of best-selling products helps leverage supply chain efficiencies and improve product rotation.
  • Enhancing the visibility of the confectionery category has the potential to increase footfall to all categories, while applying merchandising best practices help passengers navigate the offer on shelf quickly and effectively.
  • Bold offers supported by loud communications are critical in an environment with financial pressures and uncertainties, placing more emphasis on value perception and price sensitivities.

Mondelez World Travel Retail Managing Director Jaya Singh highlighted the role of confectionery as an “impulse-driven category with a universal appeal and high potential to trigger cross-category purchases”.

While recovery timelines, geographies and patterns remain uncertain, Singh said “that doesn’t mean that we cannot be prepared”.

“At Mondelez WTR, we are ready with campaigns and initiatives from our global brands and by our award-wining team to implement with speed and executional excellence to seize any arising opportunities. We are in close and regular contact with our retailers and we are constantly scanning the horizon for opportunities,” he added.

“Leveraging the world’s No. 1 brand”, the company spotlighted its new travel retail exclusive Toblerone flavour at the Virtual Travel Retail Expo. According to Mondelez, Gingery Orange, which combines milk chocolate with ginger-coasted orange peel, “fits the brand and follows consumer needs”.

Mondelez relaunched Toblerone gifting bundles in new recyclable packaging and Gingery Orange will be available in Mono (with milk chocolate) and Mix (with other flavours) bags.

New-look Toblerone Tiny Bags have been redesigned to improve distinction and value perception. Singh said consumer tests have proven that it has substantially improved appeal to consumers.

Mondelez tapped into the infectious passion of football fans to highlight its Cadbury brand as “the UK’s favourite chocolate” while Milka introduces bite-sized pieces in packs in Mix, Alpine Milk and Hazelnut flavours.

A “recharged” Oreo biscuit line-up includes Thin Biscuit Tins which will be available from June 2021.

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