SK-II Group Sales Manager Singapore Loo Lee Lee, Changi Airport Group Senior Vice President for Airside Concessions Ivy Wong and Nuance-Watson (Singapore) Managing Director Ken Tse celebrate a landmark collaboration

SINGAPORE. Leading prestige skincare brand SK-II this week launched SK-II Stempower, an essential daily moisturiser designed to help users “feel the youthful beauty of 10 years ago”.

Inspired by epidermal root cell research, SK-II has conducted extensive studies in this area to unearth its potential for skincare. The result is the new breakthrough Stempower, described by the brand as “a game-changer for the anti-ageing category”.

The revolutionary new product was unveiled at an intimate launch organised by SK-II in partnership with Nuance-Watson (Singapore) and Changi Airport Group (CAG) yesterday. Held in Changi Airport’s JetQuay CIP Terminal, the exclusive event was attended by over 40 guests including SK-II’s retail partners and Singapore’s top beauty bloggers (The Moodie Report was the sole representative from the travel retail press) – the first in the world to be privy to SK-II’s latest innovation.

Singapore’s top beauty bloggers gather at Changi Airport’s CIP Terminal for the world premiere of SK-II Stempower

Besides Stempower, guests were also given a sneak preview of SK-II’s additional anti-ageing innovations – Stempower Rich Cream and Stempower Cream Compact Foundation.

“SK-II has brought many firsts to the prestige skincare and beauty industry that has revolutionised the anti-ageing category, culminating in the grand unveiling of our pioneering Stempower concept today,” said SK-II ASEAN MDO Brand Manager Suzanne Sim.

“The new Stempower is not only a game-changer in the anti-ageing skincare market, it also enables women to control the future of their skin. Bringing this to life is our first-in-the-world launch which signifies our commitment to continually pushing the envelope and elevating the bar for anti-ageing skincare.”

(L-R) SK-II Group Sales Manager Singapore Loo Lee Lee, SK-II ASEAN MDO Brand Manager Suzanne Sim, Nuance-Watson (Singapore) Managing Director Ken Tse, Changi Airport Group Senior Vice President for Airside Concessions Ivy Wong, and Nuance-Watson (Singapore) Senior Category Manager Chillie Por mark the launch of SK-II Stempower

Unlocking the “black box” to youthful beauty

Strategically themed around travel, the event kicked off with a dialogue session with established image consultant Jenny Lim, who shared her beauty experiences from her decade-long career as a flight attendant. She also discussed the most common myths of travelling and ageing and dispensed a series of travel skincare tips to rejuvenate the skin after a long flight.

Fuelling the conversation deeper into the realm of epidermal root cells and SK-II’s latest research findings was SK-II Scientific Communications Manager Taro Yamaguchi. The presentation also cast the spotlight on SK-II’s latest innovations and gave the audience an insight into the state-of-the-art technology backing these innovations.

Drawing the event to a close was a beauty Q&A session with fashion and beauty trailblazer Viola Tan, who shared her personal ageing concerns and journey with SK-II Stempower. SK-II Beauty Trainer Nitiwadee Songrienchai was also on-hand to demonstrate the step-by-step approach to applying the new Stempower.

Established image consultant Jenny Lim (right) shares her beauty experiences in an insightful dialogue session

SK-II Scientific Communications Manager Taro Yamaguchi gives an insight into SK-II’s latest innovations

Fashion and beauty trailblazer Viola Tan (middle) shares her ageing concerns and journey with SK-II Stempower

Commenting on the new launch, Nuance-Watson (Singapore) Managing Director Ken Tse said: “It is our privilege to be the first retailer in the world once again to provide women with an anti-ageing solution that will propel them towards youthful beauty. The past successful years of partnering SK-II to launch their key products have underscored our commitment to provide our shoppers at Changi Airport with the best shopping experience helmed by the latest products in the market.”

Changi Airport Group Executive Vice President, Commercial, Lim Peck Hoon said: “We are very encouraged by Nuance-Watson’s and SK-II’s ardent support towards retail innovation – the key spirit underpinning Changi Airport’s stature as one of the best airports in the world for shopping.

“At Changi, we always aim to make our passengers’ shopping experience more exciting with exclusive product launches that are first in the region or the world. Through this tripartite collaboration, we are proud to offer our passengers the exclusive opportunity of being the first in the world to access such a revolutionary product.”

Guests get to try SK-II products and get their skin analysed using SK-II’s newest skin diagnostic tool, the Magic Ring (top right), the results of which are explained by SK-II Beauty Trainer Nitiwadee Songrienchai (below right)

The Stempower Story

SK-II Stempower: 10 years of radical firmness in 10 days

SK-II’s research on epidermal root cells revealed that with age, the activity of epidermal root cells declines. This causes a loss of skin’s “˜radical firmness’, one of the root causes for the appearance of multiple signs of skin ageing: wrinkles; sagging; loss of radiance, skin elasticity and hydration; compromised texture; larger pores; and a sallow complexion.

SK-II’s worldwide search for ingredients that work on epidermal root cells has led to the discovery of a plant-derived ingredient – Stem-Acanax – taken from the root of Siberian Ginseng, which is harvested from an organic farm in the heart of Korea’s Jeju Island.

SK-II has combined its signature ingredient Pitera and Stem-Acanax to create the SK-II Stem-Acanex Complex, which has proven efficacious in stimulating epidermal root cells to restore the skin’s radical firmness.

SK-II has also developed a new measure – the “˜Ageless Vector’ – to measure the angle of sagging or lack of firmness: the larger the Ageless Vector angle (closer to 90 degrees), the lower the radical firmness of skin. SK-II’s longitudinal skin study – the landmark Akita Study – has found that each degree of change indicates approximately one year’s loss in visible firmness.

Using the Ageless Vector, SK-II Stempower has been shown to restore 10 years of radical firmness in 10 days, SK-II said. Its high active penetration formula targets the source of skin’s beauty to improve the 10 signs of ageing (loss of firmness, dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, sallow complexion, lack of resilience, visible pores, sagging, lack of radiance, roughness, and loss of tightened facial contours) in 10 days. The brand claims that the first sign of SK-II Stempower restoring skin’s radical firmness is its immediate pore reduction.

The new SK-II Stempower will be available at Nuance-Watson Singapore’s SK-II counters in Changi Airport from 1 June. The 50g will be priced at S$149 (US$117) while the 80g priced at S$219 (US$172).

Joining the Stempower range in August is the new Stempower Rich Cream and the Stempower Cream Compact Foundation.

Also formulated with the SK-II Stem-Acanax complex, the Stempower Rich Cream contains +49% more skin conditioning ingredients than Stempower to protect skin from severe environmental conditions.

The Stempower Cream Compact Foundation with SPF 20 PA++ is formulated with the essence ingredients of SK-II Stempower to create a rosy complexion and restore a radically firm and youthful look, according to SK-II.