INTERNATIONAL. The shortlist for ‘The Moodies’, the world’s first airport-specific digital, mobile and social media awards, has been announced today via various social media platforms and website.

A shortlist of 98 individual entries has been generated from over 160 submissions made via a mix of self-nomination and a call for submissions from the industry. The shortlist offers a fascinating tapestry of social and digital media excellence.

In a major development, we are pleased to announce that the winning entries will be showcased during a special session at The Trinity Forum 2013 in Abu Dhabi (29-31 January), culminating in a winners’ dinner on 31 January, post the closing of the Forum. The winners will be announced next month, again via the relevant social media platforms, and this website.

The judging panel is led by The Moodie Report Director Digital Media & Innovation Matt Willey, together with BBC Future Media & Technology/BBC Online Social Media Executive Nick Reynolds, Appleyard Communications Director Avril Appleyard and The Moodie Report Founder & Chairman Martin Moodie.

The criteria by which finalists will be judged fall under six broad headings, making up the Moodie 100 scoring system, as follows:


Here, judges will use quantifiable yardsticks to measure the impact of each nomination. For instance, nominated Facebook pages will be rated by the number of ‘likes’ and ‘check ins’; YouTube presence will be rated by the number of ‘views’; while the number of followers generated by a Twitter account will be noted. For airports, annual traffic will be taken into account when assessing the number of ‘likes’, ‘views’ or ‘followers’ their social media presence generates.


Many companies are present in social media, but too often they fail to update that presence or use it to create a meaningful relationship with their customers. Our judges will rate nominations according to how well companies engage their customers through digital and social media, to the level of interaction they achieve, and to the quality of the conversation they are able to generate.


Visual quality and impact is critical across all categories, and especially so for the crucial On-Airport, In-Store Digital Media category. Our judges will look for quality of imagery, creativity and excellence in execution.


The ways in which companies use digital and social media diverge considerably. Our judges will focus on originality and breadth of content and on methods employed to win the traveller’s attention. Extra merit will be earned by those companies aiming to do more than merely sell a product or service, but that use new media to create excitement and interest in the location in which they operate.


How are airports and operators using digital and social media to win spend from travellers? And how are they then ensuring those travellers become loyal customers? Our judges will look in detail at the methods deployed to encourage spend and their effectiveness.


Today, most travellers use mobile devices when they travel. The Moodies will look at how airports and retailers have tapped into the SoLoMo trend to make their customers’ experience easier and more enjoyable, whether through practical information, gift incentives or other initiatives.