Shiseido Travel Retail is set to extend its skincare offer with a new and “completely different” range aimed at Millennials. The WASO line, which aims to change the way beauty is seen and made, will be available in travel retail Americas, Europe, Middle East & Africa in September and Asia Pacific from October.

WASO means skincare that is inspired by Japanese aesthetics, following the ‘Washoku’ philosophy, which ensures that the range has been created with respect for nature while harnessing the power of botanical ingredients. WASO’s campaign and product line aim to champion beauty from the inside out.

Shiseido said through WASO it is redefining beauty and empowering Millennials to feel beautiful in their own skin

To celebrate the new approach to beauty, WASO has partnered with five Millennial brand ambassadors to change the perception of “what is pretty”. The campaign, shot by Viviane Sassen, features the five influencers in the Japanese wilderness. 21-year-old art designer, fashion designer and videographer Julian Klincewicz created the campaign’s video content. Shiseido said it chose him not only because of his talents but because of its dedication to creating an authentic voice for a new generation.

Collaborative collective Dvein, helmed by Teo Guillem and Carlos Pardo, is behind WASO’s launch film which is a celebration of the key ingredients in each of the WASO products, showing them in their natural elements alongside technology.

Shiseido has designed a unique method for formulating whole botanical cells into the WASO range, to deliver a total skincare solution, which is called “Whole Cell Release System W” (for moisturisers). Designed to treat the needs of Millennial skin, the product range resolves skincare concerns like dryness, oiliness, blemishes and visible pores.

WASO products feature the following Japanese ingredients:

Ninjin (carrot) – moisturisers infused with carrots are said to nourish skin and keep it feeling soft and plump.

Biwa no ha (loquat leaf) – loquat leaves are claimed to hydrate and mattify skin so it has less visible pores and suppresses shine.

Tofu – the skin smoother infused with soy lecithin refreshes skin so it feels smooth.

Shiro-Kikurage (white jelly mushroom) – the lotion infused with white jelly mushroom is said to deliver deep hydration to plump skin from within.

Hachimitsu (honey) – the cleanser infused with honey removes impurities and refreshes skin without stripping away essential moisture, according to the brand.

The power of nature: WASO products are blended with natural Japanese ingredients such as ninjin (carrot) and hachimitsu (honey)

The WASO product range comprises:

Your Skin Diet – a travel retail-exclusive set comprising Quick Gentle Cleanser, Fresh Jelly Lotion and Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream.

Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream – a specially-formulated hydrating clear cream with whole carrot cells which can be used under or over make-up to plump and soften skin.

Quick Matte Moisturizer Oil-freea mattifying, oil-balancing, clear gel emulsion with whole loquat leaf cells.

Color-smart Day Moisturizer SPF30a skin-brightening day moisturiser with whole carrot cells, which is claimed to change colour to enhance skin tone, for long lasting hydration and a healthy-looking glow.

Color-smart Day Moisturizer oil-free

Soft + Cushy Polishera skin-refining exfoliating polish which is claimed to clear the complexion and leave skin feeling silky and smooth.

Quick Gentle Cleanser – a cleanser with honey and royal jelly from bees which removes make-up and impurities without stripping moisture.

Fresh Jelly Lotion – the jelly-like texture transforms into lotion when applied on skin, plumping from within.

Fresh Jelly Lotion (left) features white jelly mushrooms and Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream comprises whole carrot cells

To support the launch of WASO, Shiseido is partnering with three Millennial-focused influencers to create special social media content for the campaign. Jenn Im (@imjennim), Susie Lau (@susiebubble) and Natacha Birds (@natachabirds) were recently invited to Japan on a journey – the WASO Tour – that brings WASO’s heritage to life. Each influencer experienced the Washoku philosophy by exploring a different aspect of Japanese culture, and they will share their journeys of discovery on their own digital channels from 13 June.