USA. San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has released a Request for Proposals concerning three retail concession leases, covering nearly 3,000sq ft, for its Terminal 3 Boarding Area F.

The three leases are for seven years plus two one-year lease extension options. The first is for a 1,130sq ft newsstand, a 1,062sq ft beauty speciality store and a 744sq ft gourmet market, for a Minimum Annual Guarantee Offer of US$1.1 million for the first year of the lease. The second and third are for a 313sq ft sunglasses speciality store (US$145,000 minimum) and a 947sq ft sports apparel or candy speciality store (US$150,000 minimum) respectively.

The airport is offering seven-year leases as part of its latest speciality retail tender drive.

In its Request for Proposals, the airport said: “The airport continually seeks new concessions to maximise goods and services available to passengers and to reflect the unique offerings and flavours of the San Francisco Bay Area region. The Airport Commission is committed to the participation of local owners featuring local concepts in its concession opportunities. SFO’s food & beverage programme is largely local, featuring fresh ingredients and enticing restaurateurs.’’

Any business seeking to take up a lease must have a minimum of three years, within the past five years, of experience in the ownership or management of the proposed concepts. Or, if a newly-formed entity, it must demonstrate that the proposing corporation or other legal entity or its managing members, satisfies the minimum qualification requirements.

Going local: A retail area in Terminal 2 of San Francisco International Airport.

Applicants for the newsstand business must have achieved gross sales of at least US$3 million a year from a single newsstand location. A beauty specialty store business must have achieved gross sales of at least US$800,000 a year from a single location. A gourmet market must have achieved gross sales of at least an annual US$2 million from a single food & beverage business.

For the sunglasses business, applicants must have achieved gross sales of at least US$1 million a year from a single sunglasses store business. For the third lease the requirement is to have achieved annual gross sales of at least US$800,000 from a single sports apparel store business or single candy store business.

The airport will accept questions and comments between November 15 and November 21 and will accept proposals from 23 to 30 January 2019.

More than 57 million people currently pass through the airport each year.

San Francisco International Airport serves more than 57 million people each year and offers non‐stop flights to 50 international cities on 43 international carriers.  The Bay Area’s largest airport, it also connects non‐stop with 85 US cities on 12 domestic airlines.

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