Rituals has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Essence Corp as part of its strategy to build a global presence in travel retail.

The deal covers the expansion of the Rituals brand into USA, Canada, LATAM and the Caribbean travel retail plus the luxury cruise channel.

Rituals launched its travel retail division in 2012 and has shown steady growth in Europe and North Africa and more recently in the Middle East and Hong Kong.

The partnership with Essence Corp will ramp up Rituals’ global travel retail presence

Rituals Cosmetics Director Global Travel Retail Neil Ebbutt said: “The time is right to further expand into new continents as the brand awareness of Rituals is growing rapidly thanks to its increased presence not only in travel retail but also in domestic markets through our retail stores and in leading department stores.

“In total Rituals can now be found in nearly 400 travel retail locations – ten stand-alone Rituals airport stores; 240 shop-in-shop locations within multi-brand stores and onboard around 120 luxury cruise liners and ferries, mainly in the Nordics.

“The brand has also built a strong presence as a premium amenity product in more than 1500 luxury hotels worldwide and can be found onboard leading airlines carrying passengers all over the globe. We believe that by working with Essence Corp we will be able to capitalise on this growing awareness to fast forward our expansion in the Americas travel retail market.”

Rituals will showcase the brand together with Essence Corp at the Summit of the Americas in Orlando next month. Ebbutt said he has high hopes that Rituals will be able to repeat its European success over the past five years in the Americas.

Essence Corp Executive Director Marketing Gabi Medeiros Humbles added: Essence Corp is excited to partner with Rituals, whom we believe share the same values of authenticity and personal connections. We believe the timing is just right and that Rituals perfectly complements our brand portfolio. We look forward to a successful collaboration.”