Swiss herb confectionery specialist Ricola will present new travel retail-exclusive lines at the upcoming TFWA World Exhibition & Conference (Mediterranean Village, N9).

The pocket-sized products, previewed at this year’s TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference, target impulse purchases and are said to offer ‘excellent’ retail margins.

Ricola’s new doypak is designed as a shelf item for individual consumption

The products include 75g tins in three designs, developed as checkout items for individual consumption. The tins contain unwrapped 2.5g sugar-free herb drops in three flavours: Original Herb, Lemon Mint and Cranberry.

A 125g doypack of wrapped 3.6g sugar-free herb drops is designed as a shelf item for individual consumption. Flavours include Original Herb, LemonMint, and Eucalyptus.

Ricola said its decision to create the new travel retail exclusives was prompted by research carried out by research and consultancy agency m1nd-set in Frankfurt and Hong Kong airports. The research considered key drivers of candy sales, the perception of Ricola as a brand and the perceived benefits of its herb drop range.

Ricola Head of Travel Retail and Middle East Andreas Reckart said: “Common findings for both airports are the requirement for great taste and a self-treat of course. Other factors include soothing a sore throat, relieving hoarseness, cough or cold, the need for a natural/healthy alternative, and sugar-free products.”

Ricola aims to position itself as a “truly global yet unique brand” in travel retail, with distribution through the top ten retailers. “The new range will be supported with strong branding, merchandising and promotion to secure personalised space in the top ten international airports,” the brand stated.

Ricloa noted its strength in the European market but said it would be focusing on developing its travel retail and domestic business outside of its European stronghold.

Ricola’s pocket-sized tins: Targeting impulse shoppers

Reckart added: “We are thrilled to be exhibiting again this year, especially since our new products are finally ready to be seen and experienced by buyers.

“The last TFWA trade shows we attended were very insightful and rewarding, but we didn’t actually have our new products to show; now we do, and it’s time for our travel retail business to really start skyrocketing.”