MACAU. Cartier has launched a dazzling pop-up exhibition at T Galleria by DFS, Macau, Shoppes at Four Seasons.

‘Precious Garage’, mounted in a bold golden setting, presents what Cartier called its “most iconic creations”, including Juste un Clou, Panthère de Cartier and the LOVE collection. The exhibition runs from 3 to 28 February.

The installation has been designed by New York-based Puerto Rican visual artist Desi Santiago. His concept of a luxurious automotive garage ingeniously integrates the technique of shape casting with the intricacy of internal machinery. Cartier said that Santiago’s approach perfectly interprets the house’s design philosophy – to elevate the everyday into extraordinary jewellery pieces.

“Elevating the everyday into extraordinary”

“The Precious Garage exhibition is not merely a juxtaposition of ordinary and precious, but also a dialogue between mechanics and jewellery craftsmanship,” Cartier said. “Stunning pieces of Cartier jewellery and watches are displayed in working tool drawers alongside scattered instruments used by car mechanics. An elevated gold Corvette drips golden liquid onto the floor.”

Cartier’s Juste un Clou collection is inspired by modern machinery

Visitors can discover the “edgy, artistic and daring” Juste un Clou collection, inspired by modern machinery. The collection takes simple everyday items and shapes them into precious pieces, “rendering the ordinary exquisite”. A unique locking mechanism underpins the LOVE collection, positioned as a classic symbol of romance. The supple chain-link bracelet of the Panthère de Cartier Fine Jewellery watch is designed to transform it from a timepiece into a fine piece of jewellery that wraps itself sinuously around the wrist.

Cartier said: “These collections pay tribute to modern women, who are both beautiful and independent. They serve as a reminder of the unconventional creativity of Cartier and its genius for combining classic aesthetics and contemporary designs, to turn everyday moments into the most precious ones.”

The dazzling installation, designed by New York-based Puerto Rican visual artist Desi Santiago, runs until 28 February