Premier Portfolio has added Mardles Augmented Reality sticker sets to its inflight product offer.

The Mardles Augmented Reality sticker and play scene combination pack includes three different sets of 12 stickers that “come to life” plus a double sided play scene. The stickers come to life in 3D, with animation and sound, when a smart phone App is pointed at the character on the sticker. Users can control the characters with arrows and keep memories and selfies with the on-screen icons.

Mardles allows children to go Really Wild, swim Under the Sea or hang out with Prehistoric Pals in 3D

Premier Portfolio is selling a bundle which comprises Prehistoric Pals (including T-Rex, raptors and pterodactyls); Really Wild (including lions, elephants and meerkats) and Under the Sea (including dolphins, mermaids and seahorses) as well as a travel-exclusive laminated play scene.

Children can stick the reusable stickers onto play scenes, or any other flat surface, to create imaginative stories.

The smartphone App is said to be 100% parent-friendly and requires no registration or in-App purchases

The free Mardles App is said to work with most Apple, Android and Amazon devices and can be used anywhere without the need for a Wi-Fi or data connection.