Plaza Premium Group Founder and CEO Song Hoi-see: “Chinese traveller expectations for better travel experiences will grow exponentially in the coming years.”

CHINA. Plaza Premium Group is targeting more than 40 new openings across multiple cities in China by 2024.

A flagship Aerotel transit hotel opening is scheduled for October this year at the new Beijing Daxing International Airport, which opens in September 2019. It will span 10,000sq ft over two floors and feature facilities such as a restaurant, private dining room, fitness area and two meeting rooms.

Plaza Premium Group said it was partnering with key industry stakeholders across the country, as part of an overall commitment to invest US$100 million into the China, India, Indonesia and US markets over the next two years.

The company said 2024 was a significant date as it is the year that China is forecast to surpass the USA as the world’s largest aviation market.

Plaza Premium Group already manages two lounges in Beijing, six lounges in Shanghai and an Aerotel in Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

“China will define the future of travel. Plaza Premium Group is in a prime position to champion and support developments and innovations in travel experiences for the Chinese market,” said Plaza Premium Group Founder and CEO Song Hoi-see.

“With the One Belt One Road Initiative [a Chinese government development strategy involving infrastructure development and investments in 152 countries and international organisations], we recognise the growth opportunities that lie ahead and our expansion plan focuses on delivering unique experiences as we continue to drive change in the travel sector and set trends for the industry.”

Plaza Premium Group’s transit hotel brand Aerotel was first unveiled at Singapore Changi Airport.

Commenting on the Aerotel opening at Beijing Daxing International, Song said: “We tailor services at each location to make our guests feel at home. The opening is for travellers seeking elevated and personalised experiences.

“It will, for example, transform the experience for travellers journeying from Beijing and Tianjin that have early morning long haul flights. Domestic Chinese travellers will account for about 80% of travel through Chinese airports and the Chinese traveller expectations for better travel experiences will grow exponentially in the coming years.

“Our aim is to be ahead of this curve, driving the trend for China’s next generation of traveller.”