Perfetti van Melle’s new Mentos XXL is a new giant-sized dragée with a souvenir gift slogan

Perfetti van Melle Global Travel Retail has unveiled its new product portfolio for 2012 for the core brands Mentos and Chupa Chups focused on gifting and fun.

Mentos, the chewy mint brand, is being extended with an extra-large Mentos XXL format. The giant dragée contains a 250g bag of Mentos dragées in mint and fruit flavours. Each dragée is printed with a souvenir gift slogan such as Big Hug and You are cool and is designed as a gift item.

New for the Chupa Chups lollipop brand is Binoculars, a pair of working binoculars in various colourways which includes a lollipop.

This new Binoculars product contains a pair of working binoculars in various colourways plus a lollipop

Blow up the balloon in the new Ballooncar and watch the racing car go

In addition, the Ballooncar contains a balloon which, when blown up, sends the racing car on its way, in addition to two lollipops.

A souvenir gift tin is also to be launched next year with various travel-related images, containing 16 different flavoured lollipops. It is designed to be a memento or gift.

Sugar-free Mentos chewing gum

Perfetti van Melle believes there is “massive potential” for chewing gum in travel retail and 2012 sees a fresh focus on this area with new five- and ten-stick packs and an innovative three-layer gum two-pack in fresh mint along with fruity fresh flavour combination strawberry, green apple and raspberry.

Mentos chewing gum is ideal for sales at the cash till point, according to the firm.

New Mentos packs include five- and ten-stick packs and an innovative three-layer two-pack

New travel packs

A new travel pack contains five packs of classic pallet-shaped mint/spearmint or white peppermint flavoured chewing gum.

A duo-pack of three-layer Mentos, both designed to deliver a longer-lasting flavour, has a textured gel middle layer and contains green tea extract to help purify the breath. It is available in Pure Fresh Mint and Fruity Fresh Red flavours.

A travel pack is also offered containing 10 packs of classic pallet-shaped spearmint/peppermint/intense freshness white peppermint-flavoured chewing gum (100 pieces in total).

For details, contact Mark Laros, Perfetti van Melle, tel: +31 76 527 58 74, fax +31 76 527 54 40 or e-mail