Panos Emporio is partnering with retail consultancy Gate One to relaunch its innovative Paillot women’s swimsuit in Nordic travel retail.

The 3-in-1 swimsuit, which can be worn as a bikini, one-piece or a top and skirt, was originally launched in Germany in 1996.

The line has been refreshed to offer a more comfortable fit. It is available in a range of sizes in black. The travel retail RRP is €150, compared to €210 on the domestic market.

Taking the plunge: Panos Emporio relaunches its Paillot 3-in-1 swimsuit.

Paillot will be available in selected airport locations from February.

Panos Emporio Founder Panos Papadopoulos said discussions are underway with cruise ship operators in the region. He expects further listings in March and April.

Panos Emporio also offers a range of fragrances, lotions and oils for women, and men’s and women’s watches. Its beachwear range includes the Meandros shorts for men.