ASIA PACIFIC. The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), alongside Scholars of Sustenance and Futouris, is set to introduce a campaign which aims to raise awareness of food waste in tourism.

The BUFFET (Building an Understanding For Food Excess in Tourism) initiative will bring together industry partners and PATA members to create and implement a campaign that challenges the hospitality sector to reduce food waste to landfill.

The initiative’s main activities will include the creation of Asia Pacific focused resources for hoteliers and other hospitality and tourism professionals to drive positive change and ultimately reduce their food waste to landfill.

BUFFET will also target food & beverage providers in Asia and specific hotel properties in the Bangkok Hotel Project, with the help of Scholars of Sustenance.

The BUFFET Tool Kit provides seven advice sections on reducing food waste within organisations

PATA CEO Dr. Mario Hardy said: “With significant growth expected in the industry and especially the Asia Pacific region in the near future, greater waste can be expected. Our aim is to curb that waste by bringing the tourism and hospitality sectors together to reduce our impact on the planet by reducing our industry’s food waste to landfill.

“Reducing food waste will reduce the cost for operators in the industry while benefiting the environment at the same time.”

More information on BUFFET can be found here.

Food waste facts
 – Food waste is the third biggest contributor to climate change
– One-third of all foods produced in the world is wasted
– Additional pressures arise from GHG emissions caused by food production and transportation
– Currently, 842 million people do not have enough to eat

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