Amarula has added a new Raspberry, Chocolate and African Baobab flavour to its range of cream liqueurs.

The variant, which was revealed at this month’s TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition, will pre-launch in August with Big Five Duty Free in South Africa before rolling out to other duty free locations this autumn.

Amarula Global Spokesperson Natasha Maharaj said: “Our new Raspberry, Chocolate and African Baobab blend is the latest in our continued journey to explore the unexpected, modern and exotic side of Africa.”

“Unexpected, modern and exotic”: Distell reveals its Amarula Raspberry, Chocolate and African Baobab.

Maharaj noted that a spirit infusion of tropical fruit, berries, citrus and botanicals is a growing trend both in South Africa and internationally.

She said brand research into customers’ flavour preferences had revealed an “overwhelming appetite” for unexpected and interesting tastes.

“Flavour varieties, such as berries, have long been known to evoke this type of experience, and, naturally the luxurious flavour of chocolate also resonates well with our customers,” Maharaj said. In terms of the unexpected, she said that Baobab encapsulated Africa.

The new variant uses ethically-sourced, African ingredients to offer notes of raspberry and citrus-infused baobab. Serving suggestions include straight, chilled over ice, as a cocktail ingredient or poured over baked desserts.

According to the brand, Amarula’s aim to “explore and celebrate everything that is Africa” extends to the bottle design which features dusty pink shades to evoke the image of an African sunset.

Amarula Vanilla Spice, which features Madagascan vanilla extracts and African ginger, was launched last year.

Distell Global Travel Retail Managing Director Luke Maga commented: “Amarula has seen strong growth recently in travel retail, driven by range extensions such as Amarula Vanilla Spice and the travel retail exclusive African range.

The exclusive African Design Collection is a limited edition.

“Now with the exciting introduction of Amarula Raspberry, Chocolate and African Baobab – which meets the growing trend for exotic flavours – we are confident that the brand will continue on an upward trajectory.”

Maga said the bottle design and flavour sets a new standard for premium cream liqueurs, adding that Amarula will continue to offer new flavour profiles.

As reported, Amarula continues to raise awareness about the preservation and protection of African elephants through its ‘Don’t Let Them Disappear’ campaign in travel retail and other global markets.