INTERNATIONAL. The 2018/19 Airport Commercial Revenues Study (ACRS), the leading benchmarking analysis of the performance of airport retail programmes around the world, is now available for purchase.

This is the eleventh edition of the ACRS, which was first launched in 1998. It comprehensively covers all aspects of airport commercial revenue programmes including duty free, food & beverage, speciality retail, currency exchange, advertising, car parking and car rental.

The 2018/19 edition, published by The Moodie Davitt Report, was prepared by The Mercurius Group, a leading airport and infrastructure commercial planning consultancy.

Mercurius Managing Director Ivo Favotto was the founder of the ACRS in 1998. The new edition sees a return to the original style of the ACRS, where performance is both measured and explained.

At the same time, the ACRS has been modernised based on extensive research and customer feedback, with new sections including:

  • Retail space per thousand passengers;
  • Overviews of the duty free, F&B, speciality retail and currency exchange sectors;
  • Analysis of duty free sales by product category for each region and airport size type;
  • Analysis of F&B by sub-segment (i.e. QSR v food court outlets v bars/cafés/casual dining;
  • Analysis of speciality retail by sub-segment (i.e. news/gift, beauty, watches & jewellery, fashion & accessories, souvenirs, packaged food, electronics and other);
  • Analysis of goods-in, storage & waste-out management and practices;
  • Analysis of other commercial income streams including car parking, car rental and advertising;
  • Analysis of pricing and service obligations imposed on concessionaires; and,
  • Analysis of common terminal planning practices (i.e. gate provision, security lanes, lounges, common-user systems, call-to-gate systems, automated bag drop and fast track systems.

These new areas of analysis are in addition to all the usual features of the ACRS, where commercial sales and rents are analysed on both a per-passenger and per-sq m basis, and where yields by retail sector and sub-sector are determined.

The Moodie Davitt Report Founder and Chairman Martin Moodie commented: “In developing and modernising the 2018/19 edition, we are responding to extensive airport and purchaser consultation.

“In addition to providing benchmarks across the key channels such as duty free and food & beverage, we are published new benchmarks. In providing data on retail space per thousand passengers, goods-in/storage/waste-out strategies, and terminal planning considerations we are giving airports the data they have requested to help them plan and manage their retail programmes.”

For more details and to purchase the 2018/19 ACRS, please contact Victoria Willey on