INTERNATIONAL. The Data Circle, a new research joint venture formed by Generation Research, The Moodie Davitt Report and m1nd-set, has published its inaugural State of the Industry Report covering the first half of 2018.

The report, which compiles data and analysis from all three partners, provides detailed insights on travel retail sales results with examination by region, category and channel.

The report reveals healthy growth for the industry in the first half of 2018, with aggregated sales results above the traffic growth curve, globally and across Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Europe.

Global sales saw a +11.2% increase, buoyed in particular by the beauty category which posted above average growth of +15.9% in H1 2018.

The wines & spirits and confectionery categories also posted strong increases of +13.4% and +10.6%, respectively.

Variations across regions, categories and channels are examined in greater detail within the report.

Behavioural trends for the first semester of 2018 are also analysed. The desire of global shoppers for greater value offerings and unique products is a key finding. Among the main shopping drivers, price advantage is higher for tobacco and beauty shoppers in particular.

The key barriers to growth are led by a lack of promotions in some locations and a dearth of new and unique products. The report highlights notable variations in both the drivers and barriers across the regions.

The study also examines planned versus impulse shopping and the impact of positive interaction with staff.

Understanding the internal and external market dynamics and factors impacting industry performance is vital to strategic planning and a key aspect of the report, said the publishers.

The inaugural study concludes with an overview of some of the key influences that have bolstered or stymied growth during the first half of 2018. These include currency fluctuations, geopolitical factors, the boost in aviation and tourism, as well as internal factors such as burgeoning investment in digital communications, lack of data sharing, the concession model and low penetration rates.

m1nd-set Peter Mohn Owner and CEO said, “The reaction to the report when it was previewed during the recent Trinity Forum in Shanghai was very positive. There is a clear need for consolidated, holistic insights like this.

m1nd-set CEO & Owner Peter Mohn speaking at The Trinity Forum in Shanghai last month, where he introduced The Data Circle.

“While The Data Circle half-yearly state of the industry reports gives a thorough overview of industry performance, further crucial value lies in related ad-hoc reports which companies have expressed interest in. These will provide even more detailed data from all aspects of The Data Circle on specific categories, channels or regions, as requested.”

The first semester report can be purchased from The Data Circle for €5,000. For more information please contact