USA. The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority is seeking a partner to manage seven food & beverage outlets at Orlando International’s new South Terminal Complex. The US$1.8 billion facility is under construction and due to be completed by Autumn 2020. It will house a mix of domestic and international airlines, with passenger numbers expected to hit 8-10 million in year one.

The winning candidate will have the (non-exclusive) right to build and manage 12,221sq ft of space on levels 2 and 3 of the new complex. Recommended concepts include a food market, two bars, a quick service/burger outlet (a regional or national brand), a coffee/bakery outlet, a gourmet coffee unit and a snack or dessert store.

The concession opportunity broken down by space and recommended concept

The contract will run for ten years. The initial Minimum Annual Concession fee is US$1.85 million, adjustable in subsequent years.

Bids are due by 5 March.

The South Terminal Complex offers concession opportunities over three floors, with seven outlets as part of the key food & beverage contract

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