AUSTRALIA. The Halo and The Boss. Not characters from the latest Hollywood blockbuster but two full motion digital screens installed at Melbourne and Sydney airports by out of home advertising company oOh!media.

The Halo is a 360-degree digital screen suspended from the ceiling in the centre of the 1,200-seat dining and shopping precinct at Melbourne Airport’s new Terminal 4.


View from above: The Halo will display specialised advertising and other content

The cylindrical banner is 2.5mm thick and features an 18m LED screen with five times smaller pitch than industry average, giving it the highest quality display in Australia, according to the company. It also features a ‘sound shower’ comprising seven speakers.

The Halo will show a mixture of specialised advertising content for its rounded display, as well as terminal information, news, and social content.

oOh!media has also unveiled a full motion external airport screen at Sydney Airport, said to be the first of its type in Australia.

Called The Boss, the 8.3m x 2.2m screen is located next to the taxi rank outside Terminal 3.

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Making its mark: Nearly one million passengers a month are likely to see The Boss digital screen at Sydney Airport

“Both screens were strategically designed to create unmissable spectacles,” said oOh!media Group Director – Fly Robbie Dery.

“Winning the Melbourne Airport T4 advertising contract presented us with an opportunity to create a focal point seen by all passengers travelling through the terminal.

“The Boss is one of a kind. It’s situated in a key location that sees close to one million passengers a month, and engages a large audience where dwell time can be up to 12 minutes.”