CEO Thomas Drohan is determined to advance the group’s position and claim global market leadership status

UK. Leading inflight POS retail systems specialist ClueTrader today unveiled a fresh new identity – Onboard Retail Solutions – at a presentation hosted by group CEO Thomas Drohan.

Drohan spelt out Onboard Retail Solutions’ long-term goals and the motivation behind the brand reinvention.

“The ClueTrader brand grew organically from the much broader based BOM [parent] company, and has served us very well,” said Drohan.

“However, the nature of the industry, the global economy and the technology has changed immeasurably since then and we believe the time is right for ClueTrader to rebrand,” he added.

Onboard Retail Solutions aims to advance its position and claim global market leadership status in a sector that Drohan recognises as becoming increasingly competitive and more technology driven.

“The airline and rail industries have been in a rapidly changing state of flux for some years with the advent of low-cost carriers, dramatically fluctuating fuel prices, heightened security and the current global economic crisis,” Drohan noted.

“In this kind of environment ancillary revenues become even more crucial to an airline’s profitability. Traditional inflight duty free and food & beverage sectors should be seen as a starting point with our technology. There is much greater opportunity for services such as onboard tickets sales, gaming opportunities and catalogue type sales with home delivery. The list is endless.”

The advances in technology being made by Onboard Retail Solutions mean the company can take advantage of all these potential business opportunities. With a full corporate restructure under way, it is also aiming to provide complete training, support and back-up.

“Onboard Retail Solutions represents far more than just a name and a logo change,” said Sales and Marketing Director Dan Hayter. “It also signifies a complete change in the way we operate our business, with a much more regionally and channel-focused sales team where the emphasis is not on selling technology, but on delivering ancillary revenues as partners, not suppliers.”

A core part of the restructuring is the launch of a new website:, which is designed to be much more interactive and user-friendly, to meet the needs of the company’s retail partners.

The business module is also changing, with the emphasis moving away from upfront payment to a transaction-based system. “We want to be seen as providing retail solutions, solutions that are so effective that we’re prepared to share the risk, aligning our profit with the upturn in revenue the customer will enjoy,” said Drohan.

The company has big plans, not least of which is to triple its revenues and market share by 2011. But Drohan was very clear about how he intends to achieve these ambitious targets in less-than-perfect market conditions. “Through a combination of new business growth, led by our growing sales team, unprecedented customer service and support, and a new partnership approach that will place Onboard Retail Solutions at the forefront of onboard ancillary services,” he explained.

The new Onboard Retail Solutions Team (Left to right): Sales Executive Claire Thompson; Sales and Marketing Director Dan Hayter; Service Delivery Manager Stuart Southway; Head of Business Development Latin America, Mediterranean & Africa Victor Pinies; CEO Thomas Drohan; Head of Business Development Asia Pacific Alex Kovacs; Head of Business Development Northern Europe Clare Elford (and Lara); Head of Customer Support Sheila Brown; Head of Customer Relationship Management Bob McKinnie; Chief Technology Director Dr Peter Trueman; Chairman Chris Stone; Special Projects Director Andrew Beasley



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