AUSTRALIA. Château Tanunda and Heinemann Tax & Duty Free are celebrating Chinese New Year at Sydney Airport with a Château Tanunda Barossa ‘Old Vine Expressions’ promotion.

Château Tanunda, established in 1890, is the site of some of the first vines planted in the Barossa Valley in the late 1840s. It is the famed South Australian winemaking area’s oldest winery.

The Old Vines Expressions showcase the history and special wine characteristics of a selection of old vine vineyards for which the Barossa Valley is renowned

In line with the Barossa Old Vine Charter [The Barossa Old Vine Charter was instituted in 2009 to register vineyards by age, so that older vines could be preserved and promoted -Ed] Château Tanunda has created a range of Old Vine Expression’ wines. These are made from vines aged over 50, 100 and 150 years.

The Barossa Valley is home to some of the world’s oldest vines. Château Tanunda centenarians feature wines made from vines aged between 100 and 165 years old.

The featured wines are the 2015 Château Tanunda 100 Year Old Vines Shiraz, 2015 50 Year Old Vines Shiraz and 2016 50 Year Old Vines Cabernet Sauvignon.

Château Tanunda National Sales and Key Account Manager Ralph Chalmers commented, “The launch into travel retail of Château Tanunda’s Old Vine Expressions partnering with Heinemann at Sydney Airport represents a significant milestone for Château Tanunda.

“The travel retail sector is experiencing significant growth with Sydney being the hub for arrivals and departures into Australia. As an integral part of our luxury portfolio these Old Vine wines have seen high demand as customers seek out unique gifting products.”

Customers receive their wine in premium gift boxes, including exclusive Year of the Pig packaging with the Château Tanunda 100 Year Old Vines Shiraz.

Château Tanunda National Sales and Key Account Manager Ralph Chalmers (left) and One Step Promotions Managing Director Joe Malgioglio show off the Old Vines Chinese New Year promotion.

Heinemann Purchasing Manager – Wine & Tobacco Bryn Lucas commented; “Heinemann Tax & Duty Free is pleased to be partnering with Château Tanunda on the brand’s first activation in travel retail at Sydney Airport. Château Tanunda’s long history combined with the brand’s success in showcasing expressions of the Barossa Valley’s unique old vines make it a natural fit for travel retail that we believe will appeal to a wide range of passengers.”

The display also features the Château Tanunda Grand Barossa wines, 2017 Shiraz and 2016 Grenache Shiraz Mouvedre. Grand Barossa Shiraz has won Gold Medals for every vintage over the last 14 vintages and is popular in several European countries.