Travel-friendly, sustainable, and responsibly sourced: Nuxe’s anti-ageing product lineup is also available in recyclable 50 ml jars

French natural cosmetology brand Nuxe is shining a light on its naturally-derived anti-ageing skincare products.

These are the Crème Prodigieuse Boost, Merveillance, Nuxuriance Ultra, and Nuxuriance Gold ranges.

Each product range targets various age groups and offers specific anti-ageing benefits.

The anti-ageing formulas — which are made with 88% natural origin ingredients — contain a super-charged mix of active botanical ingredients that are geographically traceable and extracted using eco-friendly processes.

“Our range of anti-ageing products offers a tailored routine for our skin as it ages” — Nuxe Travel Retail Director Marion Bruimaud

The Crème Prodigieuse Boost Range targets women in their mid to late twenties looking to battle premature skin-ageing. The full range is comprised of the Energising Priming Concentrate, Multi-Correction Silky Cream, Multi-Correction Eye Balm Gel, Night Recovery Oil Balm, and the 5-in-1 Multi-Perfection Smoothing Primer. Its formula has been enriched with a Jasmine Flower-infused antioxidant complex that offers multi-correction benefits to fight the early signs of skin ageing.

The Merveillance Expert skincare range targets women in their forties. Its formula strengthens skin elasticity, while creating a lifting effect to reduce wrinkles and enhance skin firmness and tone. The Merveillance Expert lineup is made up of the Lift and Firm Serum, Lift and Firm Cream, Lift and Firm Rich Cream, Eye Contour Lift, and Lift and Firm Night Cream.

(Left to right) Nuxe Crème Prodigieuse Boost Multi-Correction Silky Cream, Nuxe Merveillance Expert Lift and Firm Cream, Nuxe Nuxuriance Ultra Replenishing Cream, Nuxuriance Gold Nutri-Fortifying Oil Cream

The Nuxuriance Ultra anti-ageing range targets women in their fifties. It features renewing Saffron and Bougainvillea Bi-Floral Cells, which help produce new skin cells and re-densify dull and uneven complexions. The range also helps fill wrinkles and redefine face shape.

The Nuxuriance Ultra Range is made up of the Replenishing Serum, Replenishing Fluid-Cream, Replenishing Cream SPF20, Replenishing Rich Cream Eye and Lift Contour, Replenishing Night Cream, Luxurious Body Cream, Anti-Dark Spot and Anti-Ageing Hand Cream.

Finally, the Nuxuriance Gold anti-ageing range targets women in their sixties and features a concentrated blend of Saffron and Bougainvillea Bi-Floral Cells. It has also been infused with Porcelain Rose Oleoactive and a Nutri-Restorative Complex which renew and nourish the skin, while also promoting skin elasticity and radiance. The Nuxuriance Gold collection is made up of the Nutri-Revitalising Serum, Nutri-Fortifying Oil-Cream, Nutri-Fortifying Night Balm, and Radiance Eye Balm.

According to Nuxe Travel Retail Director Marion Bruimaud, the brand’s anti-ageing range offers a unique solution to specific skin issues that women face across all ages

In addition, all of the collections mentioned are also available in travel-friendly, sustainable, and responsibly-sourced 50 ml glass jars which were designed to be lighter and fully recyclable.

According to Nuxe Travel Retail Director Marion Bruimaud, the brand’s wide-range of anti-ageing products offers a tailored routine for all skin ages. She said, “Over time, each skin type expresses differing needs and Nuxe provides a range of products that can help correct the impact that time and stress have upon our skin. It’s an impact that starts to become visible in our mid-twenties.”

“Our range of anti-ageing products offers a tailored routine for our skin as it ages. All the product packs are 50ml or less and their impeccable eco-friendly credentials appeal to today’s consumers who increasingly prefer to choose responsibly produced product, making them ideal products for the travel retail channel,” she added.