Frey Wille, the Austrian supplier of enamel jewellery and accessories, has introduced a new collection called Spirit of Africa, themed around the continent’s ancient stories, wildlife and vibrant colours.

The company’s artistic team drew inspiration from legendary journeys (in Swahili “safari” means “journey”) through the vivid wildlife in the African grasslands: animal prints of leopard, cheetah, zebra and giraffe are combined with lively colours and sophisticated ethnic prints.

The 18-strong enamel pieces use 24ct gold. The two designs, Safari and Kilimanjaro, were created to reflect the energy and powerful rhythms of Africa, the company said.

The colourful traditional costumes and jewellery of the regions surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro inspired the company’s artists.

The region’s snow-covered peaks shine and clear blue sky are interpreted through the rough-textured prints of tribal art. Ornamental lizards and birds are meant to symbolise the continent’s richness in wildlife and fertility.

Metallic shades of bronze and mother-of-pearl are designed to let the warm tones shine specially bright.

About Frey Wille

Founded in 1951, Frey Wille produces fine enamel jewellery and luxury accessories using high quality techniques in its Vienna factory. Each collection is based on ideas of European and humanistic philosophy. The company operates 90 boutiques worldwide with more than 550 employees in 35 countries covering four continents.