Retail theatre: The Smarties promotion at Istanbul Airport featured activities such as table-top football

SWITZERLAND. Nestlé International Travel Retail (NITR) has tripled average sales of its Smarties brand in themed events at Istanbul, Antalya, Singapore and Paris airports.

Centred on the launch of its Smarties Disney Cars Toppers, the activities varied from location to location, but all capitalised on the spring/summer holiday traffic and subsequent increase in target shoppers. The promotions ran between April and July 2008.

In Istanbul, the airport created a significant Smarties branded area with a table-top football game to coincide with the Euro 2008 Championship, adding entertainment and theatre to the environment. Elsewhere, the promotions were linked to a gwp or a value overlay.

As well as raising brand awareness and adding interest to the children’s sub-category, the promotions saw significant sales uplifts for Smarties. Further events are planned for later this year in London, Dubai and Brazil.

The new range of Smarties Toppers, based on the successful Disney/Pixar movie, ‘CARS’, has been a major focus for NITR this year. The toppers range features the four main characters. All have a pull-back mechanism and each of them performs differently when activated. Each topper sits on a 170g giant tube of Smarties and is available individually or in a multi-pack of four.

“The Cars Toppers collection has added incremental value sales to the brand and complemented the existing Smarties Winnie The Pooh and Princess Toppers ranges, and has become one of NITR’s strongest-selling lines,” said NITR Head of Sales Ian Robertshaw.

For details, contact Ian Robertshaw, Head of Sales, Nestlé International Travel Retail, tel: +41 21 948 29 71, or e-mail


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