Kit Kat Tablet
The new Kit Kat Tablet will be one of Nestlé’s highlights at TFAP. It will be available from July 2006

SWITZERLAND. Nestlé International Travel Retail (NITR) will be exhibiting at TFWA Asia Pacific in Singapore (TFAP) next month, sharing a stand with its Asia Pacific agent Kaimay Stand number: E19.

Outlining the importance of the Asia Pacific market, NITR Head of Sales Ian Robertshaw said: “Growth within Asia and Oceania is key to the development of the NITR business. As part of our long-term plan, we have identified China and other emerging markets as regions that can significantly grow the confectionery category and add valuable incremental sales to our business.”

NITR will be showing its full portfolio in Singapore, including Kit Kat, Cailler, Smarties, Nestlé, After Eight, Baci and Quality Street.

New items introduced for Kit Kat this year are already proving extremely successful, especially the Kit Kat Computer Kit and the Kit Kat Variety Gift Pack, which offers two bars each of Kit Kat milk, white and new peanut butter flavour.

NITR is introducing the new Kit Kat Tablet, which will be available from July 2006. The Kit Kat Tablet is described as another response to consumer demand for favourite brands in new formats, which can be shared. It comprises lots of fingers of thin crunchy wafer, covered in milk chocolate. Each Tablet weighs 155g.

“Even crunchier than the usual Kit Kat bar and ideal for sharing with friends, this new Tablet is a useful addition to the family,” said NITR Marketing Manager Iain Harrison. “Kit Kat is hugely popular wherever it is sold globally. We are confident that this new version will add incremental sales to an already very buoyant brand.”

Other Kit Kat products being shown in Singapore include Kit Kat Chunky Minis & Jenga, Kit Kat Pop Choc and the Kit Kat Chunky Mega Pack with free mini football.

NITR will also be introducing its new Cailler Fine Dark Chocolate Squares and Fine Dark Chocolate Selection to the Asia Pacific market, along with the latest from Smarties, including two new Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty dispensers and a Smarties pencil case. Lion completes the new product line-up with a Minis Sharing Pack and Pop Choc recloseable bag.

Stand contacts: Ian Robertshaw, Head of Sales; e-mail:; Justin Ng, Regional Sales Manager; email:

For details, contact Iain Harrison, Nestlé International Travel Retail, tel: +41 21 948 2986; fax: +41 21 948 2980; e-mail:


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