Each Nemorelaxer is equipped with Stressless recliner chairs and furnished with sound isolating materials and an encircling cocoon for extra privacy

NETHERLANDS. Nemorelax, a new company in the airport consumer services sector, has unveiled an innovative relaxation facility for passengers in busy airports.

The company’s Nemorelaxers – cocoon-like modules – come equipped with Stressless recliner chairs manufactured by Ekornes ASA of Norway, the largest furniture manufacturer in Scandinavia. Each Nemorelaxer is furnished with sound isolating materials and come with an encircling cocoon for extra privacy.

Besides a peaceful environment for a restful sleep, Nemorelaxers also provide a touchscreen monitor for viewing films, a sound-on-demand system, and a fold-away worktable with Internet connection for working or surfing. Mobile phone calls can also be made in guaranteed silence and privacy.

Nemorelaxers will be available in suites in central airside locations worldwide and accessed via the on-site Nemorelax desk. The service will be sold in minimum 30-minute time slots.


Each Nemorelax Suite is staffed by professional personnel who will greet and help customers with explanation and selection of features, payment and time extensions. Staff will also look after passenger’s personal belongings and provide personal wake-up services.

Nemorelax suites can be customised to conform to and reflect any individual airport’s design and colour requirements. In addition, the modular design can be adapted to any floor concept.

(Left) Nemorelaxers provide a peaceful environment for sleeping and are equipped with state-of-the-art internet, audio and video touchscreen technology; (Right) Each Nemorelax Suite is staffed by professional personnel who will greet and help customers with explanation and selection of features, payment and time extensions, even providing wake-up services


Nemorelax aims to facilitate airports that wish to enhance satisfaction levels of passengers while maximising sales per square metre.

According to the company, Nemorelax will not be in competition with airport business lounges, which are more crowded. Nemorelax’s main asset is privacy and, unlike lounges, passengers are free to take off their shoes, make loud phone calls and stretch out and sleep.

The Nemorelax Global Registration and Marketing System also allows for online and offline profiling by collecting and managing customer data. This will facilitate CRM, usage analysis, targeting, recording and issuing offers, club membership, tracking of results and financial reporting.

“We have had very positive reactions from all around the world and we saw at Passenger Terminal World Expo in Barcelona that there is indeed a growing demand for “˜open to all’ innovative services,” said Nemorelax Project Manager Michel van Aalten. “We also fit perfectly in the process of merging public areas with retail and because of the flexible design of our suites we are able to adapt to any airport floor concept.”

For enquiries contact Michel van Aalten, tel: +31 (0) 20 785 97 07, fax: +31 (0)20 785 97 10 or e-mail: mva@nemorelax.com. Visit www.nemorelax.com.

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