Estée Lauder has revealed a new Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Dual Infusion. It is available now in downtown and airport travel retail locations worldwide.

The treatment combines a double concentration of Black Diamond Truffle Extract with Re-Nutriv’s latest youth-sustaining technology to offer smoother and less-lined skin.

According to the brand, each serum is kept apart in a dual-chambered package to maintain optimal pH level and to preserve their potency. The serums are blended upon application.

Estée Lauder introduces Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Dual Infusion

In the golden vial, a renewing elixir is helps fortify natural collagen in the skin while the platinum vial holds a retexturising radiance elixir.

The light, hydrating product, which is infused with South Sea pearls and refined 24ct gold, is designed to absorb quickly to leave the skin smooth and silky. Estée Lauder said that after one week, the skin is “more perfected and even-toned” and after four weeks, a “vitality and radiance” is revealed.

The Black Diamond Truffle, which is at the core of the new product, is harvested from a single master truffle grower in southwest France. A long concentration and purification process yields the Black Diamond Truffle Extract.

According to Estée Lauder, a 2x concentration is shown to have significant benefits for skin. Vitro testing by Estée Lauder Research indicated it helped boost natural skin cell energy levels and increase skin cell survival when cells were exposed to intense stress from UV.

Re-Nutriv has been at the forefront of epigenetic research in skincare for over a decade; its latest product introduces SIRT-2 technology.

Estée Lauder pointed out that research in the emerging field of mechanobiology showed that with age, the skin cells’ natural shape begins to collapse and contributes to sagging skin.

“SIRT-2 plays an essential role in skin cell shape, and Re-Nutriv’s SIRT-2 technology is shown in vitro testing to help skin cells regain a more youthful shape, which in turn allows them to continue to act younger, longer,” the company said.

Other youth-sustaining Re-Nutriv technologies, which includes SIRT-1, SIRT-3 and SIRT-6, target multiple anti-aging pathways, including promoting the lifespan of skin cells and their natural ability to produce energy.

As reported, Estée Lauder named the international fashion muse Bianca Brandolini d’Adda as Re-Nutriv’s new global brand ambassador earlier this year. She is the face of the brand’s new global digital campaign ‘Live a Life of Extraordinary Beauty’.

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