UAE-based Nabeel Perfumes Group has expanded its range of concentrated oil perfumes with the launch of Pulse of the Gulf, a blend of pure Indian agarwood oil, in Dubai Duty Free.

Created by Nabeel Perfumes Group Founder and Chairman Asghar Adam Ali (Al Attar) following feedback from airport retailers and customers, the concentrated oil perfume is presented in a green crystal bottle with intricate gold filigree motifs.

Designed to reflect the opulence of the Arabian Peninsula, the bottle is housed in a fabric-enrobed box packaging with a transparent window for increased shelf visibility.

Pulse of the Gulf was created in response to feedback from airport retailers and customers

Pulse of the Gulf is the latest addition to the Nabeel range of travel retail exclusive perfumes created specifically for the GCC. Developed in response to the demand for alcohol-free, oil-based fragrances in the region, these concentrated oil perfumes made their travel retail debut with Dubai Duty Free last year before rolling out in Ras Al Khaimah International Airport.

The products have received a “very good response”, the company said, with the top sellers being Nabeel Khaltat Al Shyookh and the Nabeel Heritage line.

Nabeel Khaltat Al Shyookh is a blend of Istanbuli rose, amber, sensual musk, Dhanal oudh, sandal and oils from precious woods. Its packaging, inspired by the traditional royal attire, comprises a velvet finish box. “The fragrance epitomises the extravagance of a royal lifestyle,” said Al Attar, who is also the Master Perfumer at Nabeel.

Nabeel Khaltat Al Shyookh is said to epitomise “the extravagance of a royal lifestyle”

Besides the Nabeel range of fragrances, the company’s brand portfolio also includes a French line of perfumes under the Chris Adams brand name, which is being sold onboard Air Arabia.

“We are in talks with more operators in the region and are open to listings with airlines. After the overwhelming response received at Dubai Duty Free, we are very enthusiastic about increasing our presence in the travel retail market, especially in the GCC region,” said Nabeel Perfumes Group Travel Retail Manager Mandeep Sandhu.

Founded in Yemen in 1969, Nabeel (“˜Noble’ in Arabic) moved to UAE in 1990 and established itself as a leading fragrance manufacturer. For more information on the company, contact Mandeep Sandhu at tel: +971 6 5572755 or e-mail: Visit