RUSSIA. Moscow Domodedovo Airport has celebrated the life and achievements of Russian scientist and polymath Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov (1711-1765) by opening a themed zone, the Area of Discoveries, and a related food & beverage outlet.

The Lomonosov Café has opened on the second level, featuring Russian, English and Chinese menus. Imperial Open Pie and Northern Lights tarts are specialities along with other dishes that are inspired by Lomonosov’s life.

Reaching back in time: Performers danced the 18th century polonaise in honour of famed Russian polymath Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov, whose achievements inspired the new zone and restaurant

The airport held an opening ceremony that included a flash mob, a performance of eighteenth-century dance the polonaise plus a modern jazz routine. Young visitors could participate in workshops that explored Lomonosov’s ideas, create a mosaic, observe an experiment or build a kaleidoscope.

Senior management at Moscow Domodedovo hail the life of the great scientist at the opening ceremony. From left: Head of Domodedovo Urban District Alexander Dvoynykh, Master of Ceremonies Vitaliy Chatsky, Chairperson of the Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights Valery Fadeyev, Director of Moscow Domodedovo Airport Igor Borisov and Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Balega.

All airport visitors can attend a photo exhibition, explaining how Lomonosov’s ideas are used today in molecular physics, meteorology, astronomy, optical engineering, planetology, geography and other areas.

Among Lomonosov’s discoveries were the atmosphere of Venus and the law of conservation of mass in chemical reactions. The airport company said: “Many of his ideas were ahead of their time and serve as a basis for new discoveries to this day.”