SOUTH KOREA. Travel retailer Shilla Duty Free and Swiss luxury beauty house La Prairie joined forces today to highlight the first ‘The Beauty House’ event to select VIP guests and key opinion leaders (KOLs).

In total, 80 guests were invited to the historic Yeongbingwan (영빈관) banqueting room in the five-star hotel, The Shilla, in Seoul, South Korea. 60 were VIPs, online ‘power bloggers’ and review writers from Shilla’s online platform, Shilla Tipping. The other 20 guests were from China: five beauty KOLs (with a combined following of 14 million people), and 15 Chinese VIP customers.

Live streaming by KOLs meant their millions of followers could also enjoy the Seoul beauty classes.

The programme was separated into four sessions of 90 minutes, with 20 guests in each session. Focused on the newly-remastered La Prairie Skin Caviar Premier Luxe Crème, guests enjoyed several experiences conducted by the brand. Skin Caviar Premier Luxe Crème is one of La Prairie’s best-selling products.

La Prairie’s Jean-Marc Loi: “It is more than a beauty class – it is an exclusive brand immersion and experience.”

Live streaming to social followers

The beauty classes involved product demonstrations and La Prairie’s signature skincare programme: Art Of Indulgence, which included eye and face massages. The sessions featured beauty experts to maximise engagement, and guests were encouraged to test the full range of products.

Throughout the event, guests were live streaming and uploading instant postings. This way, followers of KOLs could also enjoy the beauty classes online from wherever they were located.

A Shilla Duty Free spokesperson commented: “It’s all about the customer experience we can present with our suppliers. The Beauty House is a great example of the successful consolidation of a travel retailer’s customer base and a supplier’s strong brand asset.

“Collaboration is what The Shilla Duty Free is continuously seeking. As a travel retailer with a strong beauty presence, we will keep presenting extraordinary experiences to our customers with beauty powerhouses around the world.”

La Prairie Travel Retail Asia Regional Director, Jean-Marc Loi, said: “The Beauty House collaboration lets our clients discover the La Prairie world. It is more than a beauty class – it is an exclusive brand immersion and experience. We certainly value The Shilla Duty Free’s vision and drive to line up luxury brands and consumers.”