Small-batch Mermaid Gin, which is produced by the Isle of Wight Distillery, has teamed up with Blackjack Promotions in a pop-up tasting experience at Gatwick Airport.

The campaign, which has run throughout August at the London airport, has highlighted the gin’s ingredients and ‘Hint of Sea Air’ island background. Its success has prompted an extension until the end of September and Blackjack has been asked to run further out-of-airport Mermaid Gin activations and events.

Mermaid Gin: Underwater bubbles and a ‘hint of sea air’

“Working with Blackjack on our Gatwick promotion has been an outrageous success,” said Isle of Wight Distillery Sales Director Malcolm McClellan.

He said the distillery sought Blackjack’s assistance to make the most of the opportunity at Gatwick Airport. “Blackjack has been the perfect extension to our team. Its staff is highly professional, presentable and thoroughly understands the Mermaid Gin brand.

Mermaid Gin is a handmade, small-batch gin, which combines ten botanicals to offer a “fresh and complex” flavour profile. Locally foraged rock samphire and elderflower, citrus zest from Sicilian lemons and Grains of Paradise are complemented by Boadicea hops grown in botanical gardens at Ventnor, coriander from Sussex, orris, angelica and liquorice roots and juniper.

“They visited our distillery to get under the skin of Mermaid Gin and this has shown in their superb presentation of our product. They have also been incredibly flexible, putting together exceptional promotional teams at relatively short notice. It’s like having a team we can switch on and off when required, which has enabled us to react to new opportunities quickly and effectively, driving invaluable sales and awareness of our product.”

Blackjack Promotions Senior Liquor Account Manager Vicki Folly added: “We pride ourselves on the professionalism and performance of our teams and understand the importance of immersing them in any brand they represent so that they are able to present it in the best possible way. Mermaid Gin is an incredible product and we’re delighted to be working with the Isle of Wight Distillery to spread the word, and look forward to representing the brand more in the future.”