COLOMBIA. Mexican food & beverage service operator MERA Corporation has opened a new restaurant zone at Bogotá El Dorado International in Colombia.

MERA has brought five international gastronomic concepts to the 835sq m “Zona R” area including: Guy Fieri’s Burger Joint; Wolfgang Puck’s Marketplace; Amazonia Café and Guacamole Ándele which are popular in Mexico; and its first Gaira Café franchise.

MERA opened its first franchise of renowned Bogotá restaurant Gaira Café

Gaira Café is a renowned restaurant in Bogotá, owned by brothers Carlos and Guillermo Vives. The famed singers attended the inauguration of the new stores alongside MERA Corporation President and Founder Rafael Aguirre, OPAIN Manager Álvaro Gonzalez and Odinsa President Mauricio Ossa.

Left to right: OPAIN Manager Álvaro Gonzalez; Odinsa President Mauricio Ossa; Gaira Café Co-Owner Carlos Vives; MERA Corporation President and Founder Rafael Aguirre; and Gaira Café Co-Owner Guillermo Vives

“We believe in the economic and social projection of Colombia. In addition, Bogotá Airport is recognised as one of the best in Latin America, with high passenger traffic. That is why we decided to bid on this project, which undoubtedly helps boost the quality of the terminal and tourism,” said Aguirre.

The openings are part of MERA Corporation’s commitment to international expansion. The company has over 45 brands, which it has positioned into 130 establishments across 11 airports and two maritime ports. Its operations span 12 cities in four countries: Mexico, United States, Ecuador and now Colombia.

MERA has invested more than US$5 million in the new operations, emphasising its strong commitment to the Colombian market. Zona R is fitted with free high-speed WIFI and multiple electrical outlets in line with passenger demand.

Carlos Vives said during the opening: “Since the creation of the Gaira Café project, the intention was to project a distinctly Colombian gastronomic menu and have several locations. We are happy that the first franchise is located in a strategic area to welcome and say goodbye to travellers.”

“The arrival of MERA Corporation to El Dorado makes us proud; it is the confirmation that Colombia is becoming more attractive and competitive for foreign investment, with multiple possibilities for new business. We have a first-class airport, which operates under the highest international standards of care, offering the best of experiences to the more than 100,000 people who travel daily,” added airport operator OPAIN’s Gonzalez.

Last year the airport served over 31 million passengers.

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