INTERNATIONAL. Online parking reservation specialist ParkCloud and global airport app Flio have entered into a technology partnership.

The deal gives Flio users access to ParkCloud’s inventory of 205 global airport parking locations, enabling them to pre-book parking prior to departure.

Mobile customers will be able to search, browse and choose from a selection of airport parking products, from meet and greet services to park and ride.

Saving time: ParkCloud allows drivers to book a parking space in advance at the airport.

ParkCloud Ancillary Revenue Manager Elysia Fryer commented: “Creating strategic collaborations that complement our primary service offering supports our overall vision to help customers maximise their travel plans in the simplest and most efficient way possible.

“Flio mirrors our ambitions to continually work towards improving the digitalisation of the travel process for passengers, creating a perfect synergy for a successful partnership.”

As reported, Flio now has more than one million installations by consumers worldwide, making it the most-used airport app in the world according to founder Stephan Uhrenbacher.

[One app for all airports: This video captures the essence of the Flio proposition.]

The partnership with ParkCloud extends Flio’s offering across the whole passenger journey, the company said, from arriving at the airport to departing the destination airport. Other Flio services include flight tracking services, vouchers for airport restaurants and shops, maps, weather forecasts and general airport information.

Flio COO Tom Reiter said: “As the must-have app for travellers, it’s vital for us here at Flio to continue to push the boundaries of customers’ expectations, which is why it’s great to be on board with companies like ParkCloud, that realise the potential of digital travel progression.”