USA. Master ConcessionAir (MCA) has created two new flexible retail spaces for clothing company Desigual and fine jewellery and accessories brand Tous in Concourse E at Miami International Airport.

For Desigual, retail concept specialist MCA has designed a 230sq ft cube-shaped kiosk which allows for shelves, racks and displays to be easily reconfigured. It features white accents and clear panels and is the first store of its kind for Desigual in the USA.

MCA has created a cube-shaped, flexible space for clothing band Desigual.

For Tous, MCA has created a cart to display select pieces, as well as a separate point of sale station. The flexible set up makes it easy to locate the shop in a variety of airport locations, said MCA.

The cart created for Tous allows the brand to move its display around Miami International Airport to maximise selling opportunities.

US-based MCA has previously completed work for the two brands, having creating larger stores for both elsewhere at Miami International.

MCA CEO Peter Amaro said: “Today’s travellers want the brands they know and love wherever they are. At the same time, airports have to find the most efficient use of space while optimising revenue. These kiosk projects are a win-win, and we’re proud to bring them to Miami International Airport.

“Airports need innovative ways to make the most of walkways and unused space to offer travellers the best experience, and we deliver. We hope to bring similar concepts to other airports soon.”