Mars Wrigley International Travel Retail (MITR) will launch limited-edition Skittles, M&M’s and Twix lines at the upcoming TFWA World Exhibition (Bay Village, Bay 9).

The confectionery company said it has capitalised on flavour trends and added “taste twists” to the brands through a new range of fruity, crunchy and salty sweets. Skittles Smoothies, M&M’s Crunchy Caramel and Twix Salted Caramel will offer “new and engaging sharing and snacking options for travelling consumers”, MITR added.

“It’s about using our brands to improve their travel experience; giving them something fun, something that really stands out, something unexpected”

Mars Wrigley ITR introduces a new Crunchy Caramel flavour for its M&M’s

The 374g M&M’s Crunchy Caramel has a colourful sugar shell and follows the success of the limited-edition Salted Caramel which was released earlier this year.

Ready for summer 2020: Skittles presents its limited-edition Smoothies

Skittles Smoothies (400g) combine yoghurt with a mix of summer fruits, including pineapple, raspberry, apricot, blueberry and banana, to offer a sweet and tangy taste. Bright yellow packaging targets the peak Spring/Summer 2020 season.

According to MITR, Twix Salted Caramel (420g) marks the brand’s first foray into a global taste phenomenon. It capitalises on the appeal of a flavour which has seen +32% growth in Europe over the last two years to become one of the most successful tastes in confectionery.

The Twix Salted Caramel packaging is exclusive to global travel retail.

MITR Category Director Raghav Rekhi said: “Limited editions are a great way of presenting something unique to consumers from a well-known brand. They provide something quick to engage with, fun to purchase and fun to enjoy, share and gift.

“We know that limited editions drive impulse purchase and introducing popular flavours such as salted caramel and smoothies is highly effective in driving sales to existing consumers, whilst also attracting new ones.”

The limited editions will be available to retailers in the first half of 2020 and supported by high profile activations, promotions and dedicated merchandising materials.

Following a tasty trend: Twix Salted Caramel Minis will be available to retailers next year

Mars Wrigley ITR said the packs underline its commitment to finding new ways to connect with more customers and drive sales through relevant innovation.

“The release of these limited-edition products to travel retail is about exciting and entertaining travellers who are looking for something a bit different while they are waiting for their flight,” Rekhi said.

“It’s more than just offering somebody a good bar of chocolate or a bag of sweets. It’s about using our brands to improve their travel experience; giving them something fun, something that really stands out, something unexpected. We believe that connecting with our consumers, and potential consumers, on this level is vitally important to not only us but the growth of the category as a whole.”