Premium vodka brand Belvedere Vodka has unveiled ‘Made in Nature,’ its new sustainability platform. Made with Nature showcases the spirit company’s ambitious sustainability goals through dynamic film content. It also highlights the LVMH-owned brand’s latest vodka expression, Heritage 176.

Made with Nature shines the light on the pillars of Belvedere Vodka’s natural philosophy: simple ingredients, zero additives, mastery in crafting rye  and a dedication to nourishing the earth.

The platform features a series of visually arresting ‘Made With Nature’ films that pay homage to how Belvedere Vodka is made. It highlights the core ingredients of the spirit — Polska rye, water and fire — and the fact that Belvedere vodka does not use any additives.

“Many people do not realise that what sets Belvedere apart from other super-premium vodka competitors is that we are regulated by a strict Polish appellation. In fact, Poland was the first country to appellate vodka in the way that France or Italy appellate wines. This dictates nothing can be added to our vodka,” said Belvedere Vodka President and CEO Rodney Williams.

Made in Nature highlights the three pillars of Belvedere’s sustainability commitments: greener energy, organic product and sustainable packaging

The platform also reveals Belvedere Heritage 176 which is made with a 600-year old kiln-heating technique

“The second element is that Belvedere exclusively uses the ancient grain of rye, which imparts richer flavour naturally. This is key as more people are consciously considering how products are made, what they are putting in their bodies and what the brands are doing for the world. They are looking to discover new and different yet natural taste profiles. That’s what we are striving to deliver with Made With Nature,” Williams added.

The new platform also serves as a launchpad for Belvedere Heritage 176. The new expression is made using a 600-year old vodka making tradition of kiln-heating to malt the rye before distillation. The end result is a rich and full bodied vodka with a naturally bold flavour.

Made with Nature also outlines the three key initiatives of Belvedere Vodka’s sustainability programme: green energy, organic product and sustainable packaging.

As part of this initiative, the premium vodka company plans to install a biomass capture facility in Q1 of 2021, which will use distillation by-products to produce energy and reduce CO2 emissions. It aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% in 2022 and shift to 100% renewable energy by 2025.

Belvedere Vodka has also committed to creating an organic product line by 2021. It has already started the transition towards organic farming methods in an effort to completely stop the use of pesticides over the next ten years. It has also committed to reducing its plastic use by 50% before 2025. In lieu of this, the company is overhauling its supply chain, reducing plastic packaging and eliminating straws at events.

In addition, Belvedere Vodka has co-founded the Foundation for Local Environmental Protection to support the Polish farming communities where it sources its Polska Rye grains. It also launched the Raw Spirit Programme to promote the sustainable farming of Polska Rye.

Polska rye, water and fire are the core ingredients that make up Belvedere Vodka

“We’re excited to launch Made With Nature because we have an untold story about our brand that we’ve known all along but is unknown to many,” said Belvedere Vodka President and CEO Rodney Williams. “Belvedere Vodka has always been made with only 100% Polska Rye and purified water and then distilled by fire; nothing else. Our natural product philosophy combined with our exclusive use of a specific grain of rye results in a product that imparts richer flavour naturally with no additives.

“This is quite topical to our consumers as more people are consciously considering how products are made, what they are putting into their bodies and how brands behave from a value perspective. We know they’ll respond to Made With Nature positively.”

Belvedere Vodka US Vice President Allison Varone added, “We’re keeping an eye constantly on the marketplace, its shifts and what consumers are gravitating to in their lives. The well-being movement continues to gain steam, and even more prevalent today, and it’s something that Made With Nature ties to beautifully. Belvedere is a great option, and we’ll be showing consumers why through Made With Nature.”