The Loop at Dublin Airport Terminal 2 is poised to showcase MAC’s new Archie’s Girls collection with an eye-catching promotional event.

Archie’s Girls: Betty and Veronica vie for attention in MAC make-up

As previously reported, the limited-edition collection – which is being launched into travel retail this month – focuses on the characters Betty and Veronica, who are involved in an enduring “love triangle” with the freckle-faced Archie. Each character has her own set of products/shades, inspired by her specific look and personality. All the product packaging sports exclusive Archie’s Girls designs.

From 7-18 March, The Loop in T2 aims to take travellers on a flashback tour to an era of comic book innocence, MAC maintains. MAC artists will give lip demo tutorials, before inviting passengers to join Archie in the “kissing booth” for a unique photo opportunity. Candied hearts will be on offer for those blushing beauties whose charms win over Archie.

In addition, MAC’s established menu of services will be available. Among the walk-in demos on offer will be Just One Look, Advancing Your Skills and False Lash Application.