Love Cocoa by James Cadbury has partnered with Dufry to take its first steps in travel retail

Love Cocoa by James Cadbury – the confectionery brand with a ‘Climate Positive Chocolate’ tagline – has secured its first listings in travel retail with Dufry.

The premium brand, which is available on domestic markets in the UK and other selected countries, recently teamed up with JES Travel Retail to target global expansion.

“Due to the synergy between the product range and travel retail – premium positioning, brand heritage and a sustainable business model – the travel retail sector is one that Love Cocoa is keen to explore further,” the brand owner said in a statement.

Bunny Honeycomb Limited Edition and Salted Caramel are just two of a large selection of Love Cocoa chocolate bars

Love Cocoa offers a range of chocolate bars, including vegan options, 16 varieties of truffles and gift sets. All Love Cocoa products are made from sustainable single origin cocoas sourced from Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.

Love Cocoa can call on a family history of chocolatiers spanning nearly 200 years.

The Cadbury story began in 1824, when John Cadbury saw potential in the cocoa beans being shipped from south America on Spanish vessels. The beans were crushed, and after the addition of spices and chilli, a popular hot drink was born.

The first Cadbury chocolate bars were introduced by the Richard and George, the two sons of George Cadbury.

Spanning five generations: James Cadbury (right) is following in John Cadbury’s footsteps

Love Cocoa was founded in 2016 by James Cadbury, the great-great-great grandson of the founder of Cadbury’s chocolate, John Cadbury. Inspired by his philanthropic ancestors, Love Cocoa was started from James’s kitchen table.

His mission is to make “great tasting chocolate bars in Great Britain, in a way that is loved by the planet, and its people”. Love Cocoa’s climate-positive tagline relates to his aim to “make chocolate consumption more sustainable”.

The brand’s packaging highlights the Cadbury family connection. It includes a home compostable bag and is supported by an environmental campaign in Kenya to plant one tree for each product sold. Love Cocoa pointed out that a milestone of one million trees planted was reached in 2021.

“We’re really excited about this move into travel retail, with the world starting to reopen, and we’re looking forward to expanding the range and availability of the products over the next few years,” James Cadbury said.

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