SOUTH KOREA. Lotte Duty Free has said it expects to reach “tens of millions of people” during a 20-hour live show from its World Tower store in Jamsil, Seoul on Saturday 8 December. The focus of the event is to promote Korean cosmetics to a mass Chinese audience.

The show will feature live streaming from 100 Chinese internet celebrities (‘wang hong’), who will broadcast from 50 booths installed at the store. Their combined reach in terms of followers is 210 million, said the retailer. The target is to strengthen awareness of K-Beauty in China and to increase the visibility of the Lotte Duty Free World Tower environment and offer.

The live broadcast is being hosted by the retailer but crucially will also be promoted by e-commerce powerhouse Alibaba to support activity on its next big discount shopping day, 12 December, or ‘Double 12’. ‘Wang hong’ live broadcasts have been held before, noted Lotte Duty Free, but this is the first time such an event takes place outside China.

The ‘Double 12’ campaign is Alibaba Group’s follow-up to Singles Day; Lotte Duty Free is hosting the first live ‘wang hong’ broadcast promoting the event to take place outside China.

Of the 100 influencers, said Lotte Duty Free, 90 broadcast through their own personal channels, with ten using Alibaba’s brand channels.

Some 43 Korean cosmetics brands are taking part. They will be introduced to the ‘wang hong’ influencers’ audiences directly through their social networking sites from 5am on Saturday to 1am the following day from Lotte Duty Free World Tower.

Some of the brands are represented at Blooming Beauty, Lotte Duty Free’s downtown concept that offers small and medium-sized Korean brands entry into the duty free market. The most recent “incubation zone” to open is located at the flagship store in Myeong-dong, as reported.

Blooming Beauty: The zone at Lotte Duty Free’s flagship store opened in October and offers smaller Korean cosmetics brands the chance to reach a wider audience.

Lotte Duty Free CEO Jang Sun-wook said: “This ‘wang hong’ live broadcast is an opportunity for tens of millions of foreigners to indirectly connect with World Tower and domestic cosmetics brands. Lotte Duty Free will introduce more excellent domestic brands to foreign tourists in the future. We will continue to pioneer the K-Beauty market by providing various channels through which this can be done.”