SOUTH KOREA. Lotte Duty Free has donated ‘Everywhere Playground’ indoor play kits — worth KRW50 million (US$40,000) — to socially vulnerable families in Incheon.

The Everywhere Playground kits are designed to provide enriching indoor entertainment for children, whose outdoor play activities have been severely curtailed by COVID-19. The sets are made up of nine play items including games, blocks and a selection of Lotte Duty Free confectionery snacks.

Lotte Duty Free Chief Executive Officer Kap Lee announced the donation during a ceremony on 26 May. The event was held in the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation in the Jung district of Seoul and marked the beginning of the company’s family month activities.

Lotte Duty Free has launched several social programmes and volunteer initiatives to support ten single-parent families in Incheon

Since January, Lotte Duty Free has launched numerous volunteer initiatives to support ten single-parent families in Incheon. This is in addition to the company’s ‘Nak-hyang-mi-sik’ tourism project, which aims to promote gastronomic tourism for seven restaurants in the area.

Lotte Duty Free Marketing Department Head Lee Sang-Jin commented: “I look forward to the children of multicultural families in Incheon being able to laugh brightly for a while through this sponsorship.”