L’Oréal Luxe Travel Retail Americas and Ralph Lauren: on target at Miami International Airport

L’Oréal Luxe Travel Retail Americas recently installed a Ralph Lauren podium at Miami International Airport. It was the brand’s first such installation outside a store. “[We] tried to use it as creatively as [possible] while still respecting the airport regulations, and the brand, [while] making it a unique experience for the customer,” noted L’Oréal.

The podium was located in a large rotunda between two duty free shops. The rotunda had wrap-around visuals featuring the Ralph Lauren World of Polo and The Big Pony Collection men’s lines.

As sales transactions were not permitted at the podium, the goal was to put the brand top-of-mind for the consumer, and remind them of the shopping opportunities in the travel retail channel.

The podium featured a customised, 3-D, motion-sensor Polo game. The game allowed travellers to be part of the Ralph Lauren Polo team and attempt a shot on goal. Winners were invited to collect a Big Pony luggage tag in the duty free store.

The podium also featured four android pads, with a quiz inviting travellers to discover which Ralph Lauren fragrance would best suit them, or the person they were buying for. The back of the podium housed a large screen playing different “stories” of the various Ralph Lauren fragrances.

Travellers could also delve into the world of digital marketing: using 4square or QR codes, they could “check in” at any duty free store in Terminal D on 4squre.com to redeem a gift in-store, or scan one of the QR codes placed outside the store.

Travel Retail Americas Prestige & Collections Division Manager Sébastien Devallet commented: “The results were very good, showing a sales growth of +295% vs. the prior month, and +236% vs. December 2010.

L’Oréal’s Sébastien Devallet: “We wanted to offer a new kind of retail experience to the travellers.”

“The polo game was also a great success, with a reach of 3,456 total travellers having played the game, averaging 110 players per day and a maximum of 380 players in one day.” [NB The pop-up store was open from 11am to 9pm.]

Devallet concluded: “This unique retailtainment event has been a true laboratory innovation for L’Oréal Luxe Travel Retail Americas. We wanted to offer a new kind of retail experience to the travellers and bring them into a world of Ralph Lauren fragrances with an innovative digital approach.

“This event would not have been possible without the key partnership of DFA and the airport authority, who also experienced for the first time such a unique airside event.”